5 Easy Facial Skin Care Tips

When you feel the need to take care of your skin – especially at teenage with all the pimples etc. – and you search through the net or go to a pharmaceutist for advice, they all end up telling you these 3 main things:

1. Buy a face cleanser and use it twice a day

2. Buy a toner to be applied just after the cleanser for your pores’ sake!

3. Buy a moisturiser

There are so many other products that they all counsel you and you use up all your money.

Even I bought a face cleanser… but in fact these are only quick-fix solutions, as today everyone wants to have everything to be done in one click!

I discovered 5 most important things to do for a better healthier skin – it will take time though, much more than if you buy all these. But it saves you money and time. I just had to share it with you. The funniest thing is that most of you already do most of these things daily, without knowing that they are indeed beneficial to your skin.


5 Easy Facial Skin Care Tips:

1. Wash your face!

wash your face

Yeah you already do that before and after bedtime right? After you’ve brushed your teeth… Water is natural and effective enough! No need for additional face wash, etc… and please NO SOAP!! Soap when used on facial skin can damage it! Don’t forget or bear in mind that your face is very sensitive and consists of very essential organs, mainly, your eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

2. Drink Water… A Lot!

drink water

Water is a vital nutrient for your body and it helps to hydrate your skin. By drinking water everyday you encourage a healthy beautiful face, which doesn’t feel dry. No need for moisturiser 😉

3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

eat fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the key to promote the quality of your skin. They contain various healthy nutrients and help your skin to feel fresh, hydrated and renewed. You should eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables everyday. Eat a healthy diet for each meal. Avoid snacks… You know, all these things that you learnt at school. It’s now the time to put them into practice!

4. Take Care Of Your Hair

take care of your hair

I know most of you – boys and girls – already do that right? Hair is the first thing that most of you decided to take care of first at your primary teenage days. The ‘status’ of your hair also has an effect on your facial skin. Too much dirt or oil can harm your hair as much as your skin as both are connected. Let both your skin and hair breathe. Washing your hair at least once a week – twice for those living in hot areas – and brush them everyday!

5. Don’t touch your face too much

don't touch your face

Finally, the fifth advice I can give you, especially for teens that have acne problems or pimples: don’t keep on touching or wiping your face with your hands throughout a day. Your hands are very active and catch germs easily and facial skin is very sensitive to dirt. Just keep some tissue paper or a clean handkerchief with you if you know you’re going to sweat all day. If you are wearing makeup, it’s not very likely that you touch your face, but you have to clean your face before putting on makeup and removing all the makeup before going to sleep and rincing your face very well!

Feel free to comment! Do you have other tips?

Take Care!

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