My 10 Favourite Makeup Channels!

Here’s a post from my makeup blog Makeup Is Art, which I decided to reblog:

Today I’ve decided to dedicate my post to the youtube channels that made me discover and love the wonderful art of makeup 🙂
I’ve chosen 10 out of my subscriptions that I strongly recommended checking out their channel. These makeup gurus on youtube are awesome! I love watching their vids.

PS: the list is not in the order of best-to-watchable, but mainly my-first-meeting-with-makeup-to-the-most-recent-one…

1. Misschievous

I happened to watch her vids because I was searching for a sort of halloween makeup look and her variety of ideas is very helpful! She also was the one who taught me the basics of makeup.

2. MakeupGeekTV

I then began to look for something much more wearable, simple… and here’s what I found! Her tips, reviews… very nice!

3. Michelle Phan

I came upon her channel out of the blue if I remember that well 😉 she’s so famous! Very useful tips, not only about makeup but also about clothes…

4. From Head To Toe

I soon realised that if I wanted to improve in makeup I first had to know my eyes a little bit more… i.e I’m a monolid so I had to learn the proper ways to apply my makeup on this type of eye! The effects are indeed different… but in the end I could adopt double lids makeup style to my monolids 🙂 thanks to practice! and to this channel! *for monolids :)*

5. TheMakeupChair

I discovered this channel while I was wondering about the job of being a makeup artist… 🙂 She gives tips on it and it helps a lot! Of course her makeup is awesome too! In addition she uses affordable products that we can all buy like ELF.

6. KandeeJohnson

Kandee Kandee… A one of a kind makeup artist!! 😀 Amiable, funny she has a sincere approach to her audience… Always cheerful and very talented ^^

7. Pursebuzz

Very famous channel too and its variety seduced me 🙂 She mostly talk about fashion in general… shares her opinions… etc.

8. Bubzbeauty

She’s very supportive and kind. Her makeup is cute and simple 😉 and her style is just ♥!

9. Xteener

Love love this channel! I’ve just discovered it recently so for the time being I can’t say much more about it… Only that the makeover above is so cool! The makeup tutorials, tips are easy to understand, apply, simple, everyday-looking… perfect for a beginner!

10. Panacea81

Well-known in UK she does makeovers! 🙂 [I mean, not only tutorials or reviews… it’s a bit of a change you see…] Anyway she’s very popular!! And I just LOVE her Jane-in-Twilight makeup (who is also one of my favourite characters in the book/movie).

Any other channels that you like?

4 thoughts on “My 10 Favourite Makeup Channels!

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