11 Websites I’m addicted to when I get connected

I’m sure many of you are addicted to some websites in one way or another. Who doesn’t frequently check his facebook profile nowadays? Let’s see if you got the same taste as me. So here’s the Top List:

First and foremost, when I open my browser, I get into my homepage which is Yahoo! So I check my mail…

1. Yahoo! Mail

2. Gmail

Then I check other updates:

3. Facebook profile

4. Facebook Fan Page for my makeup blog

5. My blogger: Makeup is Art

6. Twitter!

7. Youtube

8. Stumbleupon (love to stumble when I’m bored!)

9. Google search (I search anything that comes to my mind)

10. Yahoo! Answers

And finally a new one that I have to add to my list from today:

11. WordPress 😀

websites world wide web

What are your addictive websites?

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