15 Books An Evil Nymph Craves For

Reading has been one of my primary passion since I was born, I loved to have mummy holding an imagery book for me, she would read to me twice a day, I had to buy a book everyday, and from the moment I learnt how to read I tried reading all by myself all my books 🙂

Maybe since today is a telecommunication world, I read less than when I was 8 but I still love books and respect the authors very much. Also since I’ve grown up I’m very picky when choosing what books to buy mainly because there’s no more place at home for them but also because I’ve limited myself to read ‘intelligent’ books if I can describe them as that… Books that are unique, with a good plot and skilled in captivating the reader. I no more read usual police force books – although I admit that I love Hercules Poirot 🙂 – or romance ones… (in fact I’ve never been interested in romance books, except those rare unique once whose writing differ utterly from the Danielle Steel ones).

Moreover, we now read differently: by blogs, e-books, facebook…

Nevertheless sharing my favourite books of all times is not a crime – don’t think my blog will get deactivated again xD – so here is a list of ten books that I’ll never regret reading and which touched me very deeply.

1. The Harry Potter series

Hahaha! some would say… I know that’s a cliché, almost everyone has read and appreciated that saga, but especially the first novel helped me through my first year in secondary school, where I had begun to lose my interest for reading. Fortunately I had the 3 first Harry Potter books with me – gift from my godfather – and my mom forced me to read them… and I fell in love with it on the first chapter of the 1st book! Reading came back as my passion. In addition, this series developed my imagination and my wish to become a famous writer. 🙂 I got ambitious!

2. The Vampire Diaries + Night World series

If ever you read Twilight and didn’t read these I’ll kill you!! L. J. Smith knows her job better than Stephenie Meyer. Vampire Diaries – whose series is so obviously purely for profit-making (Elena is a brunette in it?! She should be blond!) – and the Night World series are small books and written in a light way but it’s so obssessive! You almost feel like you’re part of this world too 🙂 Love love them. When I read Twilight I just thought: “Hey is she copying on LJS or what?”

PS to Twilight lovers: Really sorry if I vexed you but that’s my opinion on it but that doesn’t mean that Meyer sucks… She is a talented writer too! I read the whole Twilight saga! Only that I prefer LJS.

3. All of Dan Brown books!

Don’t worry he wrote only 4 books for now. If you’re an eager scientific or an obssessive learner of anything – read his books. You’ll realise that there are points of view that you never thought about before, discover new regions of the world, know the other side of the coin… well Dan Brown is always very informative in his books. Devoted them to lots of research and interesting stuff…

The 4 books:

(i) Da Vinci Code

(ii) Angels and Demons

(iii) Deception Point

(iv) Digital Fortress

(v) The Lost Symbol

Since I’ve read his Lost Symbol I’ve wanted to have a tattoo! xD

I was very narrow-minded until I read his books you know.

4. The Inkheart Trilogy

Inkheart… I discovered the book after I watched the movie… and this saga is one of the many that I could read all night through and never close my eyes! They just teleport you to another world… to Funke’s world and it’s so magical! It’s all about writing itself, that’s was attracted my attention in the first place.

5. The Dark Tower IV by Stephen King

One day as I was wondering in a library I saw THAT! At that time I was reading Stephen King a lot – love his style! – and many other horror books therefore this book caught my interest. But I wanted to get the 1st tome first – as you can see it’s a saga. Anyway in the end I borrowed this one because I couldn’t neither find the 1st nor the 2nd nor the 3rd novel of the series.

When I started reading this… I couldn’t keep myself away from it! It’s a story in a story and the inner story is just so captivating! Of course as I read this before the others, I couldn’t quite understand the story… Fortunately I kept on reading until the principal character starts to tell another story – a very beautiful, unique and romantic one! – until the end of the book. Then  we’ll have to search for the 5th one… which I never had the chance too. Anyway I don’t regret borrowing it at all!

6. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho’s books are always very easy to read, short, distracting and most of all, makes us THINK. Think about his hidden messages – most of them spiritual – and trying to give meaning to them into our life. I find that The Alchemist is his best book so far. It was the first PC book I read and I’ll never forget how I held on to it from the library at school to my bed at home at night, where I finished it. I know that the picture is blurry but it is the exact cover of the one I read, the same edition. 🙂

7. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

One of the best classics that one should read! It caught my attention when one day my English teacher told our class: “If you want to be very skilled in writing, read Rebecca.” Therefore everyone wanted to read it! I got the book some years after this announcement, at another crisis of my life, when my pleasure for reading was decreasing again. Compared to some literature books, this one won’t let you sleep on its pages! You’ll read till the end… and the end is rather strange by the way… ;D

8. Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Another literature classic that is well worth reading! So dramatic and complicated I won’t be surprised if you fall asleep from time to time, but you just have to try understanding the text very well. I’m doing this for Literature this year and the plot is just amazing! Unique and bizarre! Especially that Emily Bronte believed in ghosts…

9. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

While I was searching through my grandmother’s classics, I found many interesting books like Jane Eyre, The Rivals… and the best one: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Warning: This book is NOT about how to kill a mockingbird! LOL

In fact the title is a metaphor to the story. The author brings you back to the 20th century, where prejudice and racism was more frequent, through the eyes of a child… Very beautiful novel.

10. The Last Vampire Saga by Christopher Pike

Coming back to vampires, I have a last supernatural series to show you: The Last Vampire, by Christopher Pike. Also known for his horror books, he is much loved for this rather long series – 6 books in all – of the adventures of a vampire girl who lives for 5000 years. They were my first vampire books and I enjoyed them a lot. You also learn a lot about Hindu spirituality and the Hindu Gods… and the quotes in there are very beautiful! I especially like the end… 🙂

11. A Novel of Arthur series + Heretic by Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell… A writer whose books you shoud read! Anyway of them. His style of writing is fluent, captivating and although he writes about some centuries ago, you won’t be asleep a single time on his pages! Well that’s how I felt when I first read Enemy of God – a novel of arthur – not knowing that this was the 2nd book to a King Arthur based trilogy. Been a legends addict and almost expert in Arthurian legend, I disagree with and hate his version of the legend but still I couldn’t help reading and wanting more! If you want to write successful books – read him. Can’t believe I became one of his fans even after the humiliation he did to Morgan my favourite character!

Anyway I searched for the next novel in the series but I couldn’t find it 😦 nor the first one. In all, here’s the series:

(i) The Winter King

(ii) Enemy of God

(iii) Excalibur

Instead I found another Medieval book by Cornwell: Heretic. And I. Love. It!!

12. The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

This is the best book I ever read in my life! Perfect for Medieval legends addict! There’s everything in it! All the names of the Arthurian legends have been used… So much emotions, empathy, pathos… in 1009 pages. Love it!

What I really like about Bradley is that though in this book she is against Christianity, she is in real life a Christian and is a faithful follower of the Church. This is to prove people that a book remains a BOOK! Just like an actor plays his role doesn’t mean he is like that in real life; just like if I mention these 15 books doesn’t mean that I discard all the millions of other books out there… 🙂

Deep respect to the deceased author.

13. Avalon High by Meg Cabot

I think I should have put this above The Mists of Avalon because this was my first Arthurian book and this is what awoke this addiction to the legend. About Meg Cabot… well she’s such an awesome teen writer! 🙂

14. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet

This is Ken Follet’s most unique and awesome book! It’s out of what he used to write. Very well written and 2nd best book I ever read just after The Mists of Avalon… well maybe they are both in the first place. The Pillars of the Earth is a mason’s adventure in Medieval age – that’s what I love because you learn about a different time and culture you know… – so beautiful and captivating all in 1075 pages (the longest book I’ve read!). I’ve been transported so well in its world that when it all ended I felt a big emptyness inside… like sorrow you know… Books have a very big influence on me and I get attached to them so easily!

Since this extraordinary book, I’ve not read a good book, because I’ve not found other books which could level this. So instead I’m currently shifting to realistic books like…

15. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

The picture says it all you know… It’s really “a wonderful book that could change your life.” and contains “Powerful lessons in personal change”! 🙂 Very useful guide… for everyone!! Compared to the book The Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude (something like that), which forces us to believe in God, Covey decided to publish his book to any audience, be they atheists or not 😀

What are your favourite books?

5 thoughts on “15 Books An Evil Nymph Craves For

  1. thank you for sharing your favorite reads! I’m collecting novels w/c I’ll add to my “must-read list”. Glad you like Harry Potter, Inkheart & To Kill A Mockingbird as much as I do. Although I haven’t finished it all yet ’cause I only realized my passion for reading recently..so I’m quite a rookie. 🙂 (sorry for saying too much) P.S. I’m quite sure you’ll include The Hunger Games trilogy here.. =)

    1. You’re welcome! Oh that’s great 🙂 it’s alright you should take your time to savour the words.
      PS: haha maybe when I’ll read it! I’m rather busy these days so… 😛

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