This is a Test!!!

Hey!! Got my visual mode BACK!! So nice! If you want to know how I did it:

Just enable compatibility view on your browser for 🙂 and also go to Dashboard > Settings > Writing > and check the box: WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically  

Nice! Therefore I’ll be posting soon!

Well I don’t think I’ll be posting the draft I lost in 45 mins though cause that case is too depressing for me! I’ll have to search for something else…

Stay in tune!

PS: Look at that: Each time I used to go to my dashboard a box would tell me to update my browser to Internet Explorer 9 and now that I’ve did it it now says that I’m using an insecure browser and tells me to update again!? The hell with that! I got my visual mode back!

WordPress is an unforgettable blogging site!! Both in good and bad ways…

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