The Two Types of Blogs…

In my opinion – and blogging experience which is not much I admit – there are 2 types of blogs that can be seen throughout the net, being either Blogger, WordPress or tumblr… The two can be combined too: I’ve read some of those too. But sincerely I prefer blogs that are based on a particular type, not both or else the reader may get confused. You’ll understand my point soon you’ll see.

I just want to write this article so that I can show you why I have two blogs.

Want to know which type of blog you have?
Therefore keep reading…

I have already two blogs and these represents in all the 2 main types:

1. The Personal Blog

This means indeed my WordPress blog, but when I say ‘personal’ I don’t mean the kind of secret diary or whatever. I mean that this blog – An Evil Nymph as an example – has been opened only for FUN and LEISURE. I write whatever I want and I present my stuff however I want. I don’t care if I get a big audience or almost no audience. It is only for relaxation, to escape the stressing world but at the same time, to share what you know to others, to see other’s opinions on what you write, and meet other people. Here, I share my personalities (yes I have many xD), my knowledge, my wishes…

In all a Personal Blog is one which involves SHARING.

If you are a kind of reserved person who wants to keep everything a secret then buy yourself a diary. But you can miss the support and the I’m-not-lonely feeling 🙂

I have 3 diaries you know:

(i) One for school

(ii) A secret one

(iii) and this blog which is thus a public one.

2. The Business Blog

This is my Makeup Is Art blog – my Blogger one. A business blog is not necessarily a profit-making one – mine isn’t – unless getting to know people of the same interest and become internet famous are called profits 🙂

When I say ‘business’ I mean a serious blog. A blog which focuses on only ONE idea. No Random Stuff or Personal Thoughts… If for example the blog is about makeup… well you must post only about makeup. No other issues. You can discuss and give your thoughts though… but only on this particular subject. Therefore the blog is sort of expertising in this field. It has a goal: to be recognised as a professional.

Most business blogs promote a particular company or brand. I guess these are profit-making – I mean money here.

Therefore in the type ‘Business Blog’ there are two categories:

(i) Profit-making

(ii) Non-profit making – like my makeup blog.

What’s the type of your blog? Can you categorise yourself? Or maybe you are both?

4 thoughts on “The Two Types of Blogs…

  1. Wow you really are creative indeed, i can only think of writing one blog which is the one i have here, it’s all about relationships and the like but maybe i should also choose a theme to start another huh? 🙂 thank you for sharing your views and good luck in everything 🙂

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