My Biggest Blogging Mistake!

On the 25th of June 2011, I started a makeup blog, Makeup Is Art on Blogger. I wanted to share my passion for this art to the world. At first I was completely lost. But gradually, as the weeks passed my blog grew… I got familiar with Blogger and blogging itself… but then one day everything stopped: my followers were only 5 in numbers and weren’t growing for weeks, the comments went down…

What happened? Is this happening to you now?

First we have to check these 3 main things that we should do when one blogs:

1. Publish quality content

2. Participate in the blogging community i.e. comment on other similar blogs, in discussions, forums, contests…

3. Publicize blog through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon…

I already checked all these… Then, what’s wrong??

I was not discouraged though, and while I was searching – googling – for a solution I started another blog to keep myself distracted on WordPress, telling myself that THIS blog would be about anything! I need somewhere else to write… but not about makeup. While I was on WordPress, I finally discover what was wrong with my Blogger:

The Blog Design!

Yeps, simple as that. If you’ve read my post on “The Two Types of Blogs…” you know that my Blogger is my business blog and that this WordPress one is my personal one. But the style was the same and that was wrong!

This is a personal blog therefore I can customise it as I want because I don’t target any particular audience, therefore I can fully project my personality in the blog: i.e. being an evil nymph which means that I like dark things, though I’m not necessarily like that inside. I just like dark colours and gothic things too… And my makeup blog was like that too! It was dark and the writings were too colourful – it hurt the eyes – and that was my type of personality… but designing a business blog in any way is wrong! I remarked that well-known successful blogs were light coloured, mostly white and the fashion, makeup blogs were pink, girly…

That’s therefore what I had to do: I had to change my dark design to a lighter one, a baby pink one… But without forgetting that I should nevertheless put some glimpses of my personality as a makeup lover – not as a gothic lover! xD Therefore I mostly put purplish colours – lilac, lavender… more than pink, because though I’m girl pink has never been in my favourite colours list. I largely prefer purple!

Then thanks to WordPress, I discover what was meant by pages! 😀 and I’ve realised that I could input pages in blogger too! (stupid was I all this time!) After a 100% design customizing, results of hardwork began to show: in barely 2 days I already got twice as much followers than I had during one month – i.e. now I have 11 🙂 (lol I know that’s not much at all but I’m satisfied with that ^^) and it’s continuously growing!

Of course continue to do the 3 checks above!

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “My Biggest Blogging Mistake!

  1. I still have to work on my other blog on a separate subject but I’m not sure what theme lol! 🙂 thank you for the tips! going to give it a try!

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