My 21 Favourite Movies (in particular themes)

For all movies that I will mention, go to for more info on any films.

I just watched The Rite yesterday night at home and it was… awesome! 🙂 I’ve missed movies like that since I last saw The Season of a Witch with Nicholas Cage! I might be a girl but that’s one of my type of movies – war, history, myth, medieval times, magic, but not necessarily horror and especially whatever movies with priets and demons in it! ^^ though I’ve never been on the priests’ sides… 😉 except when they’re as handsome as Nicholas Cage!

By the way the list is not in a particular order. It depends purely on my sole memory. 😛

Therefore here’s a list of the 10 best movies based on what I just mentioned about that I’ve watched in my 16 years of existence:

1. Let’s say I begin with The Rite

2. Season of a Witch

Did you watch the trailer? Well watch my version of it here!

3. Black Death

4. The Eagle

5. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Nicholas Cage in it 🙂

Watch my version of the trailer here!

5. Merlin (1998)

I think there’s a 2nd movie that is the story that continues and I have it at home. But really, THIS one is amazing!! I want to have it in DVD!

6. The Mists of Avalon

Inspired from the book indeed! 🙂

7. Troy

Of course everyone knows this one! 🙂

8. Agora

A woman who changes history… so beautiful.

9. 300

I think mostly everyone knows this one too…?

10. The Last Legion

11. Gladiator

Come on who didn’t watch this one??

12. Centurion

13. Stardust

14. Underworld

Best vampire movie ever!!!

15. Clash of the Titans

16. Percy Jackson

17. 1612

18. The Final Inquiry

19. Tristan and Isolde

20. Legion

The Angels are Deadly… 🙂

21. And finally Robin Hood

I’m sure I’ve missed a lot in these categories of movies…

Now what I want to watch is Thor and The Three Musketeers (2011)

Have you watched any of those? Any other movies in these themes to add?

2 thoughts on “My 21 Favourite Movies (in particular themes)

  1. Aw Stardust 🙂 If you like Neil Gaiman (The guy who wrote stardust and the Sandman comics-sorry if you already know that) The two part BBC series Neverwhere is really cool. It’s about a parallel magic world under the streets of London. Also, if you haven’t seen the series Rome yet you totally should! Judging from your list of movie faves you would LOVE it.

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