FAQs: Request for blogging advice

Today I got my first sort of website ‘FAQs’ from a blogger here on WordPress called Hassaan Rabbani. He gave me authorisation to publish what he’d asked me:


i stumble upon your blog today and it fascinated me a lot.. keep on writing,

i am new at wordpress, can  u suggest me something..





My reply:

Hi! I think that you’re not as new as me 😀 your blog is nice!

What I can tell you is to comment a lot on other blogs and subscribe what really interests you, and you can send messages like you just did 🙂 but search for blogs that share the passion of airplanes too 🙂

I followed your blog.

Keep on writing!! At least one post every two days or even everyday! What’s more important is the number of views, your blog stats, not the number of subscribers. But please don’t write too much posts on a single day – two or three max. – or many might unsubscribe because their inbox will be filled too quickly!

He answered:

Yeah sure why not 🙂
By the way i am really really great full to you. you are such a friendly pal

God bless you and thumbs up again 🙂

keep up the good work



For those who are new to blogging, I hope this article is helpful to you!! 😀

Click on the Contact me tab if you have any more questions! I’ll try to reply ASAP though don’t get impatient if ever I take some time because I’m going back to school tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “FAQs: Request for blogging advice

  1. Pretty useful advice, especially for new bloggers. I post three times per week. What’s important is to have a schedule and stick to it. If you post via a schedule, subscribers come to expect those posts and even look forward to them. But, if you post once per week and suddenly start posting every day, you can lose subscribers, because they don’t have that extra time to read. I, personally, started a Wednesday/Friday/Sunday blogging schedule a few weeks ago and found that it works pretty well! 🙂

  2. I know you made my entry into the world of wordpress waaaaaay friendlier 🙂 It’s awesome to see you helping yet another baby blogger! p.s. Have a great first day back at school

  3. Nice advice you gave to Hassan. A list of subscribers is important to blogs that sell something. I personally have a relatively big list of subscribers – and I blog about T-shirts – and a big portion of my stats come from these.

    My advice is to be truthful on what you write. Good luck, fellow bloggers!

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