My Dream of Makeup Courses

Well it’s already Sunday and tomorrow, after 3 long weeks of holidays, I’m going back to school. 😦 Bye bye relax, Hello stress!

I’m doing my O-levels this year and I hate it. I hate the pressure, the working-so-hard atmosphere! It tires me; and I’m tired of friends that think I’m the best and when I’m not, they’re like they’re shocked as if I’m not human, like them. This year is the most horrible, stressful one since I entered secondary school five years earlier – wow seems long!

And what frustrates me more? On the 22, 23 August, an advanced makeup course is being organised by Pastel Cosmetics in my country and I so wanted to go! But it’s during school days. I hope they organise the course again later. You know because in my country we’re not very… um creative. Singing, dancing, acting, makeup and other arts are not taken into consideration here; we’re more like academic hardworkers here. Therefore I’m not even sure the course will be re-introduced… It was my only chance to at least have some professional help in what I’m doing now in my makeup blog! That’s why I’m eager to graduate and go to university abroad, like Singapore or even in Europe – I live in Mauritius, google it if you haven’t any clue where it’s found.

pastel cosmetics makeup courses in mauritius

Rs 5000 = about $ 178

The price is affordable I’d say! Even my father agreed but unfortunately it’s during school so… that’s too bad! =(

As I’m going back to school I won’t be able to post much, but still subscribe! You can never know… 😉 a writer’s inspiration is always spontaneous and unpredictable!

2 thoughts on “My Dream of Makeup Courses

  1. Please write lots! and hey you never know, you may still get a chance to attend the course in the near future 🙂 good luck!

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