10 Things I Want to Do When I hit 18

I remember when I was 10, I used to looking forward to 13, and at 13, I wanted to be 15 and at 15 I wanted to be Sweet Sixteen… and now that I’m 16… and that there’s in fact nothing extraordinary about that, I wish to be 18 🙂 If you feel the same, well that’s completely human!

This list is not in a particular order! All depends on my memory… well mostly all lists that I do here on my WordPress blog, depend on my mem. 😉

When I am 18, I will:

1. Get a tattoo

2. Buy and choose the best red wine for this special day – for my friends, family and me 🙂

3. Rent a car; start getting used to driving

4. Create an ebay account so that I can finally do some Sell&Buy activity online

5. Buy books on Amazon.com or ebooks simply

6. Get the latest mobile phone

7. Start cooking! LOL

8. Not be crying this time! (indeed I always do… maybe I’ll explain that in another post later)

9. Get my Dream Dress

10. Be in my final changing state, i.e. become the accomplished woman I’ve always wanted to be

Any wishlist of yours?

8 thoughts on “10 Things I Want to Do When I hit 18

  1. So what do you want a tattoo of? My first one was the word “veritas” between my shoulderblades-it;s Latin for truth. That said, I did narrowly avoid a permanently inked pikachu disaster lol.

    P.S. I cry every birthday too…not sure if I even know why. Time passing is a heavy sensation i think.

    1. Well I sort of designed a celtic pattern by myself inspired by other designs. One day I’ll post my drawing here ^^ and that’s my “dream” tattoo 🙂

      PS: ah so it always happens with girls bloggers lol!

  2. Eh? why cry? you have a kind heart and a creative mind, so stay positive! 🙂 careful with Ebay and Amazon, once you start shopping it’s hard to stop lol! 🙂

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