Preparing For An Examination

This extract about ‘preparing for an exam’ comes from my economics book but can be applied to any subject and exam you’re taking. Credits goes to Susan Grant, the author of my book for Economics at O-level.

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Revision is a continuous process. After every lesson, check your work and if necessary, add extra notes. As the examination approaches, you will need to do intensive revision. Try to engage in active revision. This involves, not just reading notes, but also using the information. There are a number of ways through which this can be done. These include testing other members of the class and getting them to test you, drawing spider diagrams and producing tables and revision cards.

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Examination Technique

It is not sufficient to have a sound knowledge and good skills in the subject. You also have to demonstrate these under examination conditions. So, it is essential to develop examination techniques.

Before the examination, check out the duration of the examination and the number of questions you have to answer. Read the instructions on the examination paper carefully. Do not rush into writing your answers.

In multiple choice papers, consider every option in a question carefully. If you are uncertain of an answer to a particular question, proceed further and return to it when you have answered the other questions. At the end, check that you have answered all the questions. Never leave a question unanswered even if you have to guess.

In answering structured questions and questions that test enquiry skills, read the questions carefully, paying particular attention to the directive (instruction) words. A question which asks you to identify or state something will only require a brief answer, consisting of a few words. In contrast, a question which asks you to explain, assess or discuss something will require a longer answer, written in sentences and paragraphs. Unless specifically asked for, do not produce a list. Such an approach will only gain you few marks.

The marks allocated to a question or part of a question should give you a clear indication of the extent of detail required. It is often useful to include a diagram (or diagrams) in your answers. These should be clear, accurate, well-labelled and backed up by an explanation in the text.

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Hope this will be helpful to you someday guys 🙂 Just felt the need to share it… especially because my exams are approaching! =O and I want to help people who are in the same situation.

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