What I hate about Me!

Everyone has at least one feature which one doesn’t like, right? Well for me, it’s my height. Yep, simple as that.

too short too tall

I’m only 145 cm tall and 16 years old already!! Come on that’s not good at all! I’m so small 😦 That’s what people use as a critic when they hate me: “Oh you’re so short, you’re like a ten-year-old child!”

But what I know is that the height of a person cannot be changed by magic wands or whatever miracle. It’s our nature. I can’t change my height therefore I don’t feel guilty about it, though it’s also a reason why I feel helpless when one mentions my height.

If you are fat, you are luckier than me: you can change by doing some exercise and following a diet. So smile those who complain they’re fat! 🙂

“We r who we r” Kesha.

How about you? What do you hate about you?

8 thoughts on “What I hate about Me!

  1. Daph you are pretty and sweet, tall or short you are perfect the way you are 🙂 me? i wish i was more buff and had better strides when i walk sometimes 😦 there are times when i look like pingu the penguin sigh!

  2. Hmm… I have the opposite problem. I was always too tall. That was the first thing EVERYBODY said to me, “My gosh! You’re so tall!” It’s mostly because I am Asian… I am 5’8″… or I guess 68 inches or about 173cm. I always wanted to be shorter because I always stand out like in Chinatown or anywhere else there are a lot of Asian people. The older asian people always stare at me too because i’m so tall. However, now at age 24, I don’t really mind it. It does get a little irritating because I have to plan for certain things. For example, I can’t wear heels at my wedding because my fiance will be shorter than me. Some things you have to work around, but eventually you start taking pride in your height and who you are as a person. At age 16, I wanted nothing less to be shorter. I’m sure you will learn to love your height (or get taller too) as you get older. ❤

  3. I’m 5’11 and my ex wife is 5’8 as such my lil angel’s so tall that her head already reaches my chin and she’s only 10. Everyone is different, but that’s what makes us all so unique 🙂 congratulations xzalense in advance for the future wedding 🙂

  4. I guess the grass really is greener…I’m 65 inches tall (no idea what that is metric, ugly american that I am…) and have always envied petite girls. That said, you are gorgeous inside and out. You are mature beyond your years and anyone that could mistake you for a little’un is a flipping idiot!

    If I could change one thing about myself, it would be internal. I want to be less self absorbed, think more before I speak, and in general be kinder to those around me. I also wish I was skinny but since you addressed that in your post I thought I’d skip it 🙂

    P.s. nice new theme!

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 I’m sure you will be able to change your inner self because you are concerned about it. It will take time and effort but in the end you’ll be rewarded ^^ cheer up!

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