Do People Change? Or Do My Eyes Open At Last??

Do you believe in reincarnation? In legends? Myths? Other insignificant things? Well as a -personal- writer, I sometimes do, especially when I have to write on these themes… And sometimes, I really feel myself INTO it…

I’m not superstitious but sometimes I like to be as if I was 🙂

My name is Morgan, and I can be evil, if I want, only to people I really loathe.

My name is Daphne and I am a nymph…

I write a blog, an Evil Nymph’s blog…

I can be pitiless, but I can laugh.

I can believe in dreams – literally i.e. dreams you have when you sleep – that become real.

I can believe that I was a sorceress’s reincarnation.

I can imagine that my favourite cousin was previously Arthur Pendragon, therefore, my brother.

I can think that one day my “brother” and I would quarrel and never be friends again… like the legend says… although it seems impossible because Arthur and I are ONE. Best Cousins Ever.

morgan le fay on Avalon isle

But what I could not believe was that everything I believed could indeed be true.

This year was a different one, like any others. But this year, Arthur and I are really going to end in bad terms. I’m so frustrated by him! He ends up swearing and says idiot things! I can’t stand him anymore!

Therefore, my imagination starts to wander…

Did the Arthurian legend really comes from true facts? Did Morgan and Arthur really existed? As a writer I believe so.

But then are events of the past really repeting themselves after so many centuries!?

Very interesting thought to muse on…

7 thoughts on “Do People Change? Or Do My Eyes Open At Last??

  1. I often do think life repeats itself, if you still have something to complete in one lifetime that you didn’t the last. I for one, love your thoughts and imagination though. 🙂

    1. How come I never replied to that interesting comment of yours Andy? 🙂 Indeed I like to think likewise. Thanks!
      PS: Reading my old posts… it’s a fascinating experience!

      1. You’re welcome! Yes it is fun reading old posts isn’t it? you and cafe32 are the only ones who read my oldest posts that I might repost 😀

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