7 Symptoms of Infatuation… or Love?

As I’m still 16, I don’t have much experience in it, but when I think that I’m in love, when Cupid pierces my heart with one of his arrows, I feel:

1. Nervous when I’m close to the person.

2. I feel like I’m blushing a lot.

3. I quick glance at him and when our eyes meet I get so excited.

4. I become very shy.

5. I just don’t know what to do.

6. I fear deceit and rejection.

7. I just really want to communicate but I feel paralysed.

Is this love you think? Because in fact after some time, even if I begin to make friends a little bit, I become tired of loving and therefore in the end it’s just a good friend. That’s why I don’t want to embrace in a relationship because I fear that I might reject the person… or worse, that he might ignore me (and that because it already happened to me!)

But as I’m still in puberty – I guess – I think that what I feel is infatuation. 🙂 Therefore I’m not very into that subject although I’m 16… I prefer to wait til the boys become more mature… like when they hit 18… and me too!

Though I’d just like to know what are your opinions on love? I’d love to know what are your thoughts on it, if you’ve ever met true love… how was it? Or if you think that an adolescent shouldn’t worry too much about that…?

Please feel free to comment below! 🙂 You don’t need to be a WordPress user to do this! ^^

6 thoughts on “7 Symptoms of Infatuation… or Love?

  1. Smart move to wait till you’re 18, people are more mature and yes more settled on goals. Be patient, wait for the opportunity to present itself than risk losing something good.

  2. Yes, I agree too that you shouldn’t rush; at this point, what you are feeling is love or infatuation, it does not really matter, there is a thin line between the two, of course, as you grow older, the line gets wider, and the meaning of love deeper…,

    Even older, you are going to feel those feelings, and nothing is wrong about that … it’s a natural feeling. But you will be in a better position to make the “right” decision or to pick the right mate that you think compliments your character, personality, taste, etc …

    Be infatuated, be in love, but don’t rush to be with boys, stay away, until at least you are 18 … sure it’s tempting, but nothing mysterious about it … you have plenty of time for that ahead of you! 🙂 For now, I would say, you should focus more on school! Excel in school, and you will notice that you don’t have to approach the boys, they will come your way (jk). 🙂

  3. hmmm …
    know what daph ..
    i felt that when i’m still 13, way back 2005 .. (whew..so young … rite?) i think that’s what they call “puppy love” LOL
    That feelin’ last till early this year…(wow)

    But it strange now… cos, whenever i see him, chat him on FB .. “no spark at all” …
    i guess .. my feelings for him just fade away .. 😉

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