It’s Mabon! Time to bond with nature!

The Wiccan festivals have a gap of 6 weeks between each of the 8 ones. Six weeks ago, on Lughnasadh I signed up into WordPress. So as today is Mabon, the festival of the Autumn equinox, it has been six weeks since I joined the WordPress blogging community. Wow. So much has happened since! 🙂

To all my readers therefore I wish you a Merry Mabon! Whatever be your religion… as here we are united by the passion of writing and expressing ourselves, not by anything else.

autumn equinox pentacle wicca

Following the Wiccan calendar, Mabon falls about the 21st September and denotes the middle of Autumn. Brown leaves are already falling; the cold winds have already settled themselves, ready for winter.

What I admire is that the Wiccans respect Nature a lot. Their Gods are Nature. They pray Nature, (mind you they do not necessarily worship because they are part of nature too, therefore they believe in equality…)

But just like any other religion, there are many types of Wiccans with a subtle difference in each’s belief. So if you think I’m wrong… maybe we’re both right.

Anyway today we should thank Nature for whatever she gives us and long walks along trees and fallen leaves are not a bad idea for today 🙂

During Wiccan festivals I always wear this:

pentacle necklace purple metal

This is a pentacle, a powerful symbol for the Wiccans, and maybe that’s why it is famous nowadays because it has been so important for them that it should not be forgotten even through ages…

Again Merry Mabon!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

5 thoughts on “It’s Mabon! Time to bond with nature!

  1. Hello! 🙂 This is a nice post! Being near the seaside, I chose to celebrate Mabon alone, walking along the beach while sipping coffee.. XD I think, rituals doesn’t need to be extravagant as long as you can connect with the Divine and feel the spirit of this Sabbat.

    Have a great day Daphne. Blessed Mabon to you and to all your readers..

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