Special OOTD Post! :)

I decided to do my first OOTD post here (Outfit Of The Day – if you’re wondering :D) instead of in my makeup blog. I have a “Beauty & Fashion” category here so…

What am I wearing today…?

I’ve wanted to go for a casual and a little tom boy style…

black tank top and jeans

Don’t look at my face! I don’t have makeup on! xD

black tank top and jeans

I’m wearing my favourite necklace – a celtic cross 🙂

black cross celtic patterns

A simple black tank top with a cute silvery white heart on the left side… and my dear arm warmers!

black tank top and purple arm warmers

Then a pair of black greyish jeans (my favourite of all my jeans collection ^^) and a pair of converse shoes 🙂

jeans and converse shoes

So that’s it 🙂

teen trendy outfit

I’m ready to fight Skynet! LOL!


What are you wearing today?

8 thoughts on “Special OOTD Post! :)

  1. MD, you look so darn cute no matter what you wear but I really like your outfit today. I’m wearing jeans, bare feet (was black shoes, no socks when out earlier), a black T and a great honkin’ purse by Kenneth Cole that a friend convinced me to buy because it was on sale from 150 down to 30 bucks. Hoop earrings, sunglasses and a hair band. But now I need PJ’s so catch you soon 🙂 Oh, and I like your new categories, you are inspiring me to do more things just for “fun!”

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