Sites Of The Month: September 2011

This is the beginning of a type of series that people call “sites of the month”. It’s about making a list of the websites you’ve loved the most and that you’d like to share to others 🙂 and that should be submitted at around the end of each month. Everyone can participate!

Here’s about how the list should be:

You can find the best and most effective makeup tips given by Makeup Artist Sinead Cady.

Did you open your browser because you’re bored and tired? Do you have dreams you never dared dream? Join the 43Things community!

Marlena a professional makeup artist provides the best makeup community and the best quality videos for us girls 🙂

Do you want to start digital painting with a big laugh? Or better: Do you like cute monsters? Monster Cutie is for you!

If you are a knowledge sponge, is for you!

Do you always ask “How to…?” “How…” “HOW??” Go to!

Just for fun: Become EVIL within these steps!

Need some fashion tips for the year? Enjoy!

An Evil Nymph

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