Black and Chic

Hey guys! This will be a short post. I’d just want to update and add some more spice to the Beauty & Fashion category.

Today I’m going to show you two of my favourite outfits I like to wear especially when going out at night. I like to wear black as it is more elegant and makes you appear thinner from a visual perspective 🙂

PS: I’m not Gothic although many people might think so LOL! Just that Goth is greatly part of my own original style 😀

Alright, so Outfit No.1

black and chic teen outfit of the nightWhat I’m wearing:

– A sort of thin and light black long wavy coat (sorry I don’t have the word… anyone knows its name??) with long sleeves from Red Snapper

– Strapless grey and white horizontal striped shirt from Body&Soul

– My dear Skeleton Necklace! Niahaha! (my favourite of all times!)

– Black shorts from Oneye

– Sh0rt skin coloured tights

– My black and white converse (something teens can’t not be separated from LOL at least here)

black and chic teen outfit of the night

Outfit No.2

black and chic teen dress outfit of the night

What I’m wearing:

– Alright so the main thing I want to show off is the cardigan but I had to wear something inside for decency 😛 and this is just a plain glittery silvery grey top.

– Then the cardigan which is awesome I think because it’s a Chinese old-fashioned designed model therefore very original! Got it with my mom 😀

– To complete the outfit a wavy glamour black skirt 🙂

black and chic teen dress

In fact I wore this for my grandpa’s birthday which was on Sunday and these photos were taken before I could buy the shoes… and on the Day… well I just didn’t have time to take anymore photos of me lol! But here are the shoes I wore alone:

silver high heeled ballerina shoes

silver high heeled ballerina shoes

This added some bursts of shine to the dark black outfit 🙂

Anyways, exams are approaching very quickly and therefore I won’t be posting as much so sorry in advance my lovely readers!!!

Hope I will get back to you soon,

An Evil Nymph.

11 thoughts on “Black and Chic

  1. It seems it doesn’t matter what you wear, you look so darn SWEET in all of your outfits! Loving the little cardy you wanted to show off, very glam over the ruffly skirt and adore those shiny shoes, one jewel setting off another: YOU! Don’t worry about getting on the blog, studies are always first and we all look forward to hearing from you whenever you can get by. Take good care and happy studies, MD! Thanks for letting us know you haven’t vanished on us, that was very kind of you.

  2. Hey, MD, that was me above. My friend was using my computer, thought I was on my own page, inadvertently posted comment under his name. Didn’t even notice until after I hit post comment. Just so ya’ know, ’twas I 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. the second outfit is my favorite personally. The cardigan is very adorable. I love the way it buttons up so high, it gives it a nice chic look. Great looks though, can you come style me? hehe

  4. I loved the long stocking socks – great. I liked the second outfit the best. You must have a good wardrobe, I suspect.

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