DIY T-shirts!

I was watching Youtube videos when this particular one caught my eyes:

There is even part 2…

I wanted to try personalizing my t-shirts too, therefore I took 2 old (yes old in case something goes wrong :P) t-shirts and the results:

Off the Shoulder:

diy t-shirt black

diy t-shirt black

Not bad with a casual white shorts 🙂

Halter Top:

diy t-shirt cut

Hey Lizzie! xD

cut diy t-shirt

I wore the same pair of shorts then I added a nice cute and unique wooden necklace:

maktub wooden necklace paulo coelho

And when you turn it over…

maktub wooden necklace paulo coelho

Yes! “Maktub” which means Fate/Destiny in Arabic Language – Inspiration from Paulo Coelho’s books 🙂

Now surprise surprise!!! I did another halter top… and…

an evil nymph cut diy t-shirt

Yay!!! I thought of you guys and my blog so I created this fun crazy top in honour of blogging on WordPress with all those awesome supporters like you! 😀

an evil nymph cut diy t-shirt

Tried it on and OMG! Can’t wait to wear it out! (^-^)

How did I do it?

I use a plain bright orange tshirt and cut it as said in the video and with this treasure:

pearl paint for fabric

I painted “An Evil Nymph” on the top!

pearl grey paint for fabric

I bought the “Ash” colour and you just have to squeeze the tube to get the product out. It’s like paint. You only need a painting brush… and here you go! 🙂

Challenging your creativity is so fun! Try it out at home 🙂 and see what you can come out with ^^

An Evil Nymph.

11 thoughts on “DIY T-shirts!

      1. lol! you can find these in creative boutiques, you know where they sell pens of all colours, copybooks, A3 papers, pencil cases, paints… or in a painting shop 🙂

  1. Oh My, I must be getting old, this reminds me of the 80’s when we used to have off the shoulder T’s for the Madonna or Flashdance look… amazing how it always comes full circle but I know one thing for sure, yours are going to have a very unique spin on them because it’s just the way you do everything you do 🙂

  2. YW and BTW have you seen Lafemmeroars latest CCC posting with all of Holly’s hair styling? You are such a creative soul, I think you’ll like, interested to see what your vote is, mine was number 5.

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