My NaNoWriMo’11 Novel Idea (part 1)

As you know I will be participating in NaNoWriMo this year for the first time (so excited!) and let me tell you that, it’s rather hard to think of an idea that will allow you to write it as a whole 50k words novel in one month.

writing a novel

So think Daphnee! Think!!

Since I was 11 years old, I kept a copybook (now I have two of them) in which I would write any idea, any writing inspiration that came to my mind. I recently went through them and wow, the ideas aren’t bad at all! In fact I think that the more we grow up the more we lose some of this sparkling imagination that we had when we were young. Today there is stress, work, etc to tire our brain so…

I finally that it would be better to choose one of my latest ideas that came to me some months ago – i.e. the one just before my biggest goal as a writer: to rewrite Arthurian history (anyway that’s another story).

As a teenage girl of 16, I know that at that age, we all seek our identities, we try to discover who is the REAL US. We are troubled; we want to reach out… but to what exactly? We act “weird” to others, we feel depressed so many times, etc. We are in the process of becoming adults, more mature people; we react instead of just act.

We rebel.

For me, one of the major conflicts I had within myself was Religion and Faith. Yep, too comlicated! I was born Christian but I’m a Wiccan lover. Right.

Anyway, I don’t want to offense anyone here, so let’s get to the point:

I’m going to write on an apocalypse. LOL so cliché nowadays but I want to tell my thoughts on it 🙂 and I love talking about things that could have, and would be…

In fact it’s 100% fiction and myth ♥

So it’s the end of the world and guess who comes to take us to Heaven or doom us in Hell? Jesus? *sarcastic laugh* No.

The Horai and The Morrígan. Hehe.

I’m the type of girl who is still searching for herself and is meanwhile taking bits and pieces of other characters to impersonate. As you are aware, I often love to impersonate Morgan Le Fay because I love her story! In all, I’ve fallen in love with Irish myths and I’m dreaming of going to Ireland one day. That’s where the idea of The Morrígan came from. Then I had to find another triad, to contrast evil, and this time Google was my best friend.

Therefore it is very important to do your research before you write any novel 🙂 especially if based on “reality” (myths forms part of reality? anyway you get what I mean… I hope so), because then by searching for real well-known facts, and putting them in your novel background ‘adds more realism to the story’ (yay that’s a quote from my English teacher).

So the two triads come on Earth to take us away…

Oops I think I should have elaborated on the background story first. LOL

Anyway I’m telling you spoilers because

i) I feel the need to post something on WordPress

ii) my mind keeps wondering on the title! (of course it wonders about the plot and all but as I think 24/24 I obviously end up thinking about the name of my book!) and I need your help to find the Perfect One! 🙂

Keep in touch for the background story part! I think it’s enough for this post. I don’t want people to scroll down and think “Omg that’s soo long…” Instead it’s better to write it by 2 or 3 posts… Split it like one splits books by chapters hehe…

Part 2 coming soon!

Blogging Yours,

An Evil Nymph.

7 thoughts on “My NaNoWriMo’11 Novel Idea (part 1)

  1. I believe u gonna make, the theme is cool. This would be my fist time to participate, i would be glad if you come by @ We might share idea.

  2. If I may pass along some advice I read somewhere (please remember I read it–I haven’t published a word with anyone other than WordPress, so take it for what it’s worth): 1. To begin, write in 40 words or less the main focus of your novel 2. Write a list of words (single words as well as short phrases) that come to mind about your story. Those two things help me when searching for a title. After you find one, check to make sure your title isn’t already used. There’s nothing that says you can’t have the same title, but you want your work to stand out and not be confused with someone else. For more insight, try getting the “You Can Write a Novel Kit” by James V. Smith, Jr. It helped me learn a lot. Sorry for the long post! 😉

  3. You go girl! Whatever you write is sure to be good. The proof is already in these posts and no, that’s not high expectations, you just think aloud so well, can’t wait to see what you write in November. Miranda, that is great advice. I love the number 1 and 2 items, they are great even for article writing 🙂 Happy writing everyone!

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