Girls’ Blouses: Adding some styles…

I’m a great fan of blouses with check designs like this:

checked brown and green blouse

The style of it is awesome enough to just wear it with anything.

But with some imagination…

You can get this:

checked purple blouse with jeans and strapless black top

A plain strapless top inside, leave the blouse unbuttoned, then complete the look with jeans 🙂 Great!


Alright I don’t know how to pose for photos I’m sorry LOL

Anyway, here I just add a belt on top 🙂 Believe me this look is very lovely on any type of body. Looks very formal too, so perfect for work.

Now combining the two styles together we get…


checked grey blouse with jeans and black top and belt

This is so cute with thin people. I don’t really like it on myself because it seems as if I have a bigger belly than I already have so…


checked grey blouse with jeans and black top and belt

Omg sorry if the photos are getting more and more blurry. Just that my camera was leaving (out of battery) but I really wanted to finish this! So with some added effects, I guess it looks less blurry… now?

blouse style with black top and belt

I played with the colours and also added a blurry border more blurry than the actual photo so that the photo itself doesn’t appear blurry. See that 😀

Anyway hope you enjoyed this fashion post! These are my opinions, my ideas; doesn’t mean that it’s the latest fashion trend or whatever. That’s the style I like 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

4 thoughts on “Girls’ Blouses: Adding some styles…

  1. I love the way you take things we all have in some form or another and put them together in ways that wouldn’t even dawn on me. I would like to try your belted look with a shirt and cami sometime soon 🙂 Thanks for the lovely visit!

    1. I’m sure you’ll find… blouses might not fit you… but YOU can make them fit YOU 😀 there’re some blouses that are horrible on me when I button it… have thus to let it open with a shirt inside and it’s just perfect ^^

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