Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

This week’s photo challenge gave us a more open theme to ponder on: ‘Possibility’. Great so when I tell you ‘possibility’ what first comes into your mind? Believe me I had no idea what original photo could I capture to convey this. But a little incident this evening changed this completely.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me so I had to use my little Nokia 3120 classic… LOL

Before I begin the ‘narration’ of what happened that I couldn’t go for my camera etc… here’s a snapshot of ‘Possibily’ in an Evil Nymph’s way:

mysterious rockets in the sky

In my list of life principles, one of my first ones were: Everything is possble.

Since the dawn of time, humans have sought to learn the mystery of flying… They have built many types of aircrafts, then rockets… but they themselves with their own flesh they still can’t fly. Nevertheless no one gets discouraged. Everyday people discover new things, there is more an more innovation. What seems like almost magic in the time of Thomas Edison – like for example to travel at such great speed throughout the world by airplanes – is most so… normal.

This evening, my family and I were returning home – we were at mass, then to KFC – my mother was the first to spot some weird white line in the sky… It was like smoke… and at the end of it we could see a sort of… rocket?? What??!! Wait! What’s going on? Has Mauritius been able to construct a rocket and release it tonight without the media knowing?! No, no it couldn’t be…

mysterious rockets in the sky

We stood outside on the street, in awe, watching such an unusual majestic view!

Then as we turned our heads… as we thought that the show was over…

mysterious rockets in the sky

Omg!!! Incredible! But wait, wait… They’re going to collide??!! Nooo… (inside my childish voice was saying: ‘coool…’)

mysterious rockets in the sky

Ow the zoom sucks. I wanted to show you the rocket itself which was in fact a sort of military plane I guess?

mysterious rockets in the sky

Ohh didn’t collide but did a beautiful X…

I think they were training for some special event… you know they’ll surely be making drawings in the sky with their white smoke…

Turning heads again… wow! that was just over my head 😀

white smoke in the sky by rockets

Then we definitely returned home lol! But I think that a third one was released too because when I looked out of the window…

white smoke from rockets in the blue sky

Two lines of white smoke coming from the same direction! 🙂

That was awesome!

So what is ‘possibility’ to you?

An Evil Nymph.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

  1. You are so talented, agree with Katerina, laughing at what didn’t happen… possibility is a great topic and your photo journey was awesome good, well done!

  2. Somehow I posted a comment that was meant for this page on another one of your posts..LOL…I will let you know on that other post to delete.

    I am happy you feel this way…that anything is possible and the picture and symbol is a great choice. I wish past and present generations had built a strong foundation to help you nurture this idea as you approach middle adulthood to put your dreams into action and live them…unfortunately they haven’t. So…I wish you much power and energy to fulfill this wonderful idea in your life…push through the mediocrity and barriers as best you can.

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