The Impersonifications of A Teenage Girl

On one of my inspiring nights, my pen started to write…

copybook with handwriting

Alright so I wrote about 2 pages recto verso + half next page…

I was writing about my life in all… how it changed/evolved since I entered secondary school when I was 11.

And you know what. My teenage life has been full of impersonifications! I guess I’m still trying to find my true self…

Anyway, I think I’ll copy what I wrote so that you can get to know a little bit more about me personally… I feel the need to type it down…

Sorry if this post is long but I’d really like to share this with you. So take a seat, some food… (if somehow my writing becomes crap forgive me because it was late at night so…) I’ll make it easier for you with added pictures, okay? 🙂

Ready? Narration starts now!!!

* * *

Since I was very young, I could not stop myself from impersonating my heroes/heroines.

When, at the age of 11, I fell completely in love with the Harry Potter saga, I made as if everyone in my group of friends represented one of JKR’s characters. I was obviously Harry himself. My idea of having an electronic diary came from this, because I felt the need to keep all these pleasant memories alive forever.

Now this MW document has become my very personal diary and exceeds a 1000 pages.

When I was about 12 going on 13, I discovered – or rediscovered (I had already watched the movies) – the Lord of the Rings Saga, and I would wonder who has been the reincarnation of such a clever Oxford student as JRR Tolkien.

This time, I decided to play ‘impersonification’ with my family. I was Frodo, the keeper of the ring and my favourite cousin was Sam. Together, we’d both enjoy the day when we would give our uncles or aunts each a character’s name. This game did not last as long as Harry Potter’s but it was very fun. It did not last because this cousin lived abroad so when he went back to his country…

frodo and sam in Lord of the rings

But LOTR was nevertheless sown to my heart. I would write stories involving the characters and my own world’s characters (yes I had an imagination world when I was small and I’ve kept it), a bit like fanfiction. (I did a fanfic on Hp too by the way :P)

I lived in JRR’s magic until early 2010, when I was 14 going on 15. Then I fell for something else, something that changed my life drastically!

Yes even more than the two above!

A new passion started to grow inside of me. I guess those who know me well, know what I’m talking about. Yes, I’m talking about my obsession for Arthurian Legends.

Alright, now I’d really like to share how it all came to this because this time, it wasn’t by a book. It took months and two sources of information for this passion to grow and for the fact that I now call myself Morgan.

morgan le fay costume


Back in 2008, Merlin BBC series started on BBC 1. It only got released in France the next year in March (I have French channels). Not bad, but not worth to watch it every Saturday – yes, different attitude from now! Too childish, not complicated enough compared to awesome Dr. House! LOL

What did I know of this British legend? Well only what the ‘Sword in the Stone’ (Excalibur!) children’s book told me when I was small and what Meg Cabot showed me in her great book: ‘Avalon High’. I knew vaguely about the Knights of the Round Table but strangely I knew that Arthur and Morgan had a child who ended up killing his father called Mordred. I don’t know how. That’s why I frowned when in Cabot’s book Mordred was Arthur’s half-brother.

meg cabot avalon high

Anyway all this was neglected information that I kept in one of my brain drawers in a dark corner…

Forwarding the ticking clock a little faster…

We’re now in December 2009 when I got the awesomest gift in my entire life: the latest original-cover Dan Brown’s book: the Lost Symbol, in addition to a guide to it!! I’m a big fan of Brown’s books – great thanks to his books which influenced my gullible teenage mind with doubts about my own religion! lol!

I read the book in a week although I wanted it to last – I just couldn’t help it! Since I read it, I’ve wanted to have a tattoo! And I think, I THINK (can’t really remember) that he was the one who introduced me to the Celtic Mythology. Because I remember I did research on this and if I google something it means that something really caught me and at that time, only Brown could.

The Lost Symbol
The Lost Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also remember that when I went to my usual library I spotted a big book (like Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol) called ‘Celtic Mythology’ and I was so excited to borrow it and read it and I would stare at the beautiful celtic designs. I remember I already knew a lot on Celtic symbols when I saw the book, therefore the googling came before that.

celtic triple symbol triskeles

In  a short part of the book it talked about King Arthur, then I began to wonder: “what?? Arthur and his knights are connected to Celtic myths?” I couldn’t grab this. To me Arthur and Excalibur were, well, mere stories for children, and myths were… well were based on real cultures and traditions etc.

I didn’t google about the possible relation between Arthur and Celts though, because this consisted only of a small extract in this huge book, therefore my research surrounded purely Celtic things…

I don’t know which started first: my dedication  to Wicca or my love of Arthurian legends in any forms…

I really began to google (I love you Google!!) about the legends only after the 2nd season of Merlin was released in March/April 2010 on French channels. My sister was a huge fan so she watched it everytime. One day I had nothing to do – and this naughty sister compelled me to sit with her to watch the series. A single scene – that was all I needed.

arthur and gwen first kiss in merlin bbc

The single voiceless scene of Arthur falling for Gwen and kissing her for the first time: that was so close to the legends and so magical that I immediately awoke interest in all the Arthurian frenzy.

In fact I didn’t like the series at first because:

i) Merlin was young?!?

ii) Morgan was good?!?

iii) Gwen is a servant and Arthur the Prince! Come on how…??

iv) Episode structure too repetitive, childish and classic: i.e. good versus bad, good comes out victorious after a moment of total distress. But I don’t blame anyone on this. It’s supposed to be a family series so…

But I came to realise that as the series evolves, it comes closer to the legends… and anyway I didn’t know much about them last year.

Then I could google Arthurian legends and Celtic traditions – that I could at last recognise the relation between both. I also became a half agnostic, half Wiccan girl.

So after this passionate Arthur/Gwen kissing scene, I watched a lot of Youtube videos, read a lot of Wikipedia etc… I even started vidding Merlin… then  I watched the episodes of the first season that I’ve missed while waiting for the 3rd season which had been aired in September 2010 on BBC1 (which I watched every episode instantly in English at last! thanks to something called ‘download’) and I noticed how Morgana kept on having bad premonitory dreams… and believe me, I had those too in 2009, but now I have a dream catcher so… and I can’t sleep in utter darkness like I loved to before.

morgana merlin bbc

All of this to tell you that since all of this, I began to impersonate Morgan Le Fay 😀

morgana in merlin bbc

Also her courage and determination, her willingness to fight for her cause – that fact that she has Magick doesn’t mean that she should be executed; her path towards overcoming her fear, etc… I instantly loved her! And I love her still as I am…

An Evil Nymph.

* * *

So that’s it! wow if you’ve come this far, great! You have the honour to know that my next post will be on my NaNoWriMo planning so far! Keep in touch! ^^

Can you identity my handwritings in my copybook in the first photo with some of the passages in this long narrative? 🙂

Don’t worry my impersonifications were totally harmless to any. I didn’t like impersonate celebrities or Obama and claimed it on other sites like some people do…

Any comment? 😀 I want to read everyone’s opinions on such a weird teenage life LOL!

Blogging Yours,

An Evil Nymph.

21 thoughts on “The Impersonifications of A Teenage Girl

  1. First and foremost I PRETTY LOVE THIS POST of yours 😉

    It’s cute how you reminisce everything Daph 🙂
    Though during in my ages like that, am not fond of impersonating character, ever since am fond watching love stories 🙂 LOL … But hey, I am fan of LOTR 🙂

    I conclude, as you grow up naturally you can find yourself walking in meaning your meaningful life 🙂

  2. wow you’ve gotta be one of the coolest people I’ve seen online lately : )

    i found your page through ‘fix your face’ blog! i like it!

  3. Couple of things: Love that you handwrite still–that may soon become a “lost art”, so I hope you keep it up. Second, if you like the Arthurian Legends, check out a book called The Nibelungenlied–it’s like Arthurian Legends for grownups.

    Oh, and one more thing: You can never “think too much”–only too little. The more the better.



  4. Loved the first picture on the post…I am glad you feel like your possibilities are upward into the sky…that is the way you should feel and past generations should have provided the foundation for that to occur…but I am afraid they haven’t. But keep reaching. If I could be anything…it would be a pirate:) Free on the ocean to pillage and plenty of rum and nymphs…LOL

  5. Evil Nymph…my apologies…my above post was meant for another one of your posts…the one with the picture of the rocket flying up into the air…LOL. Can you delete my comment above?

    Well…back to this post. I am trying to think back to my pre-teen and teen years. I don’t really remember consciously impersonifications…but many things around me shaped who I am. But as far as movies…I loved the Legend of Boggy Creek…when I was a little boy…I wanted to be a Big Foot explorer:) The God Father impacted me as well…I really liked the idea that when someone betrayed the family they would pay the ultimate price…kind of weird isn’t it???

    Other things that shaped me…living in neighborhoods where one could walk a short distance and get out into nature and beauty…my intellectual and imaginative brother that was somewhat belittled by my family…my ex-marine father that went from the bottom of the company all the way to the top…only to eventually get fired…sitting on the couch depressed for two years yet loaded with money to live life if he had the will…sports–love physical activity and working as a team for a purpose or goal…my Grandfather…lover of the Universe and stars…taught me to look up and think beyond…then of course in University I was introduced to many great thinkers…living and working in Europe…saw beauty in many forms making the US look like a sterile wasteland…recently…just to tie this back to my mistaken post above…Pirates of the Carribean…watch this often with my son…I would love to be pirate…free on ship with the ocean breeze in my face with plenty of rum and lots of Nymphs…maybe even some mermaids:)

  6. Oh Daph! You really do make me smile… It still amazes me how alike we are in some ways when I read your posts. (I’ve really got to thank Janice for pointing me to your blog! It’s good to see a like-mind) I’m not a teenager any more (lol) but I still do a lot of this stuff, the impersonation. Sometimes my accent and speech changes completely, and if I’ve been reading one of those old books or some Jane Austen, even the phrasing of my sentences changes! LOL. I like Merlin too (told you that already!) as well as Arthur, LOTR et al but girl, your enthusiasm beats mine! When I was 14, 15, I had no access to the internet, let alone a PC, maybe I should envy you all the googling and ready access to info a little 🙂 I used to read lots of books, though. Fell in love with Greek Mythology, too (loads of which I have forgotten, shame!) Also, you start secondary school at 11? Wow. I also noticed in another post you said your sis is (turning?) 11 and will start soon too… Impressive. Here it’s average 13.. 11 is considered baby. On the whole, I loved your post. Never stop dreaming. We only go as far as our dreams.

  7. Did I mention I love your EvilNymph cap? I do. You look the part, whichever character it is you’re feeling more like, lately. Is it still Morgana? 🙂

    1. 😀 thanks for coming by ^^ Oh that’s great we have similarities! Yep it’s true that before technology wasn’t that advanced. Indeed here we shift to secondary school at 11 🙂
      Thanks! I guess it’s Morgana xD

  8. Hi Daph. Pressed the Fly button on my laptop and came over to the Indian Ocean to see you. Very well done, a nice piece of work.
    May I quote you? “My teenage life has been full of impersonifications! I guess I’m still trying to find my true self…”.. Daphne ! I a 65 and I’M still trying to find my true self !! 😉

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