A NaNo Update!

Firstly before I go on with the point of this post, which as you can read in my previous post I promised to write, I’d like to share a wonderful, touching post on the ups and downs of friendship – written by Aurora here: FRIENDSHIP: WHAT IS A FRIEND?.

Alright now… we are approaching Nanowrimo… and as I’m a planner, I’ve begun to plan my story and I’ve come halfway to it 🙂

I wrote everything down in a copybook… but as it was a mess, I decided to divide my notes into chapters (I used to do that for fanfictions) by index cards. Each card is one chapter and on one side I write the chapter number, while on the other side I plot main points. This is an awesome way to organise NaNo. Get inspired in an Alexandra Sokoloff’s post: The Index Card Method and Structure Grid

I read lots of Nano posts on WordPress too (Tag: Nanowrimo) and also followed some inspiring Wrimos on Twitter (#NaNoWriMo).
Then I discovered a very helpful site called storyfix.com and I subscribed to its email notifications as it’s currently writing posts on a series called NaNoWriMo Tips. And that’s awesome! You will also find lots of useful tips for writers and writing in general.

This post is awesome too: Showing Vs. Telling please check it out! Also All About NaNoWriMo is a fun article to read!

About my story’s progress… well after lots of chapters’ main points on cards and all… I’m stuck.


But I’m not much worried about that because it’s not time to begin writing. It is when I will start NaNo on the 1st November that the characters will finally become alive and they will all twist the story in their way… thus fighting this writer’s block! So if you’re in this situation too… don’t worry at all!

No Plot? No problem! just like Chris Baty wrote 🙂

Good luck for those of you who are participating!

I think therefore I blog                                                                                            [ PS: love this picture I found on Google!!! ]

An Evil Nymph

9 thoughts on “A NaNo Update!

  1. The best advice I got from a writer’s conference I recently attended was ‘WRITE’. Don’t worry about the form and structure, the first draft is a mind dump of everything you have about the current WIP. You’ll go back and edit, seriously, lots and lots of editing. 🙂

  2. Aww, MD, thanks for the love! You are inspiring me to reconsider doing the November Novel. These are some great pieces of advice you have shared. Glad you are still on track for the challenge 🙂 Thanks for the link back – so sweet – Happy Writing 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for the links! I’ll definitely be checking them out. I downloaded the free scrivener software yesterday, looks like a great piece of kit for naNo and has an index card feature which I’ll be using LOADS! roll on 1st Nov ;0

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