Sites of the Month: October 2011

Before I get to the point of this post…

This month has been very fully active for me. First and foremost: October is the climax of my student life i.e. it involves exams! And worse! Now that Samhain’s Eve and NaNoWriMo are approaching, my international exams have come to their hottest points too! I feel that this week will be a very busy – productive is a nice word too I guess – with all of this. In addition I have to keep up with my two blogs and Twitter and read the blogs I’ve faithfully been subscribed too and therefore I have to check my mail constantly… Moreover now that my sister’s exams are over – she’s just 11 – and as she’s going to secondary school next year I allow her to have a glimpse of internet – i.e. I’m sharing my laptop with her… so I have less time for my virtual activities… which is so frustrating right now! Then there are the passive activities like reading and watching my favourite series, plus my urge of the night: to write in bed in my random copybook (you saw it here) – which is starting to lack pages… aww too bad I so loved it! I’ll ask my friend to buy another for me 😛 (it was a gift from this very friend you see)

But you know what? I love my life that way.

Yes. You read it.

LOL coffee

Haha I always find some interesting image on Google to add some… uh coffee? to a blog post! 😀

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but the more I’m busy the more I enjoy myself. I tend to be stressed of course but I think it’s good stress because I like it.

I don’t know.

My life might be too boring if it were otherwise…

Anyway so all this stuff was in my mind during October and therefore this introduction was a sort of background to the links I’ll be posting…


Sites of the Month suggested by An Evil Nymph

PS: (lol a PS at the beginning of a post xD) if you’re searching for NaNo links I have these in some of my Nano posts… so go check them out! 🙂

I’ve recently subscribed to a blog which is all about writing itself – as something serious, as a job, a career (*-*) [stars in my eyes… I’m so dreaming… :P] and if you’ve wondered about practising this Craft (as they all say) for real, to be recognised as a published writer, well Rachelle Gardner’s blog is your Heaven at last revealed!

Speaking of the word ‘craft’ I’ve been surprised that it’s used for writing… as well as Wicca’s Magick! You know, it’s not the witchcraft that does harm or whatever inhuman things at night (that’s what the government thinks of here when witchcraft is concerned), Wicca is a religion just like any other, and its belief lies in Nature itself… Anyway therefore I realise that indeed writing is magickal too 🙂 [notice that I write magic like ‘magick’ :)] *makes me proud of writing!*

As Halloween/Samhain is coming soon I’m therefore getting back to the old ways, I’m sinking into the magick of Wiccan traditions again… thus I have to share some helpful links about it 😀

Everything happens for a reason, just like everything has a meaning. And Magick lies everywhere.

The first Wiccan site I’ve visited in my life, which helped me a lot and still is very useful to me: Welcome to One’s Spirit’s Domain!

Just like Christianity, Wicca is a big tree has many branches, a tree that has been growing for centuries and whose history is written in its bark.

A newbie solitary Wiccan practitioner like me? A book lover? Get inspired here!

It’s nice to know a bit about our anscestors don’t we? That way we can also learn from our pasts… Yes indeed knowing the Gods is knowing yourself too 🙂

I’ve also recently told myself that I should re-learn Irish language. It’s so beautiful and… ancient! Ever seen the movie ‘The Eagle’? 😀 Here’s a website where you can instantly learn the variations of the Irish’s musical pronunciations.

Alright now let’s get random! 😀

Are you having a bad time? Just give in to a hundred activities to boost your mood! 100 things to do when your upset (the sad trombone list)

Are you aiming at increasing your readership, your social media population on Twitter? Free tips for you!

This site is sooo cute! I think it’s new and it’s dedicated to all makeup bloggers 😀 and any other type of makeup lovers included 🙂

Finally a must-see short movie – that I have yet to watch LOL [it’s in my to-do list!] – that is a shocking award winning documentary. 33 minutes that will rock your world! Thinkers, get inspired!

Sorry if that was long 😛

An Evil Nymph.

15 thoughts on “Sites of the Month: October 2011

  1. I am going to check out every site! The 100 things to boost your mood blog sounds great, who doesn’t need that from time to time? I’ve also checked out Rachelle Gardner’s blog before and it is wonderful, I love it!

  2. Exams, NaNoWriMo, and everything else? HA! That’s what makes us writers. Stress is like caffeine, it keeps us moving. Good luck on the exams.

  3. Yeah, October is really headache for students 😀 😛 .
    Well, first two weeks of my October really giving a pain, only 2hrs of sleep for doing my finals requirement, busy conducting interview to Barangays’ (smallest unit of our gov’t ) and reading a book for my annotated bibliography(the worst requirement ever LOL 😛 ) 😦
    yet surpass those stressful days ‘n nights 🙂
    3rd week was our Sembreak .. and I believe even still now .. *grin*
    Actually, last week of October, this week supposed to be, enrollment for second semester starts again 😦 😉
    A lil sad (back to school again) A lil happy (seeing circle of friends again)

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