Merry Samhain’s Eve!

Yeah it’s finally Halloween!

I hadn’t had the opportunity to celebrate it and I feel tired because of two exams papers I had to take today. Anyway, that doesn’t mean I didn’t really do anything for Halloween! And first of all I prepared my blog post for it 🙂

samhain halloween costume

You can check out my makeup Halloween post + outfit special Samhain HERE!!

When I came home the first thing I did was to do my Parshell cross! It’s an old Irish tradition for All Hallow’s Eve. Simple and fun to do ^^ check out how HERE. My Parshell of the year:

samhain parshell cross handmade

Then to re-bond myself to these Celtic myths and especially Wicca – my love since last year’s Samhain – I decided to re-write my Book of Shadows 😀

wiccan diaryAlright I know mine is not like that LOL. I took a plain big simple hardcover copybook so that I can customise it later. Last year I did have a B.O.S but it was only a clear book with some prints of the main rituals and circles incantations… This time – especially since I understood Wicca a lot more thanks to the Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan – I’m trying to write a more personal book of shadows, just like a diary (ha! as if I didn’t own enough diaries and blogs!) but a diary especially for these ‘witchy’ things… I’ve written in it for the first time today 🙂 A book of shadows should be passed from mother to child to grandchildren etc… and no one else should read it!!! It’s awesome.

Usually I’d also light a black candle to release all negativity away from the house… but I didn’t have the chance to do it today. Here’s how I did it one day:

black lit candle

Oh soo creepy… LOL

I still have my stock of black candles in case ^^

And finally, I wish you the best of Halloween and I found a pleasant blessings poem in Irish (of course!) for you guys for this special Celtic’s New Year’s Eve:

Ar líon gráinne gainnimh ar an trá
líon bhur laethe bheo.
Go ráibh grá Dé libh trí dhubh an tsaoil
geala sé dhaoibh gach treo.
Mar síor-phíobaí bhur n-anamacha,
mar bualadh bodhrán bhur gcroí,
is na poirt is ríl iomlán bhur gcas’,
gur ó chéilí saol ar shlí.

Go raibh fuíoll an tsaoil mar bharr an tsaoil,
gan éagóir ó aon neach.
Gáir bhur bpáistí bheith mar cheól agaibh,
a bfhás buan ceól ó Neamh.
Le teacht an t-am chun sibh-se imeacht,
le h-éileamh ama riamh go deo,
Dia libh dís ag imeacht a chaird’
‘s an bheannacht seo libh fad bheo.

The translation:

May the grains of sand upon the shore
number all your days.
May the love of God in darkest times
enlighten all your ways.
May the pipes forever be your soul
and the bodhran beat your heart,
and the jigs and reels your ups and downs,
till life’s ceile you depart.

May the rest of life be the best of life,
and no one do you wrong.
May children’s laughter be your music,
their growing be your song.
And when the time says we must part,
as time will always do.
may God go with you both my friends
and this blessing stay with you

Source from Irish Gaelic Translator forum:

I really LOVE Irish language… 🙂

May you all embrace this New Year in the arms of Mother Nature and Father Sky (Goddess and God).

Ring in the boon, ring out the bane.

Blessed be to all )O(

An Evil Nymph.

8 thoughts on “Merry Samhain’s Eve!

  1. Thank you for the translation, there are some beautiful poems in Irish… You look adorable, so darn cute and lovely in your costume!!! Nice work there and on this post. Thanks for sharing and all the best on your November novel writing. Just wanted to swing by and wish you well, MD. Will come by now and then to cheer you on. You go girl! Write on!!! 🙂

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