NaNo Day 1: Starting the Fire in Heaven

Hi guys! So NaNoWriMo has begun today. Last night I was still up at 23.45 and I had enough guts to stay ’til the clock struck twelve to start my NaNo novel! Yeps I started typing at 00.00 today! Since that, I’m completely into it! It’s fun – for the time being. We never know what mischief this challenge holds back…

love and passion for writing

Anyway I only wrote for about 30 minutes – 554 words already – before I went to bed. I wrote the prologue only. I like it when prologues are short. 😛

Here’s an excerpt of this early morning inspiration:

   The Horai and the Morrígan stared at one another. Their faces burnt with fury. It was time to act. Their decision was made.

   “We will come back.”

   It was too bad that no human being could hear them as they vanished away in their respective worlds, before the veil would close again. If only humans had been aware of the terrible danger that awaited them…

If you want to keep track of my progress, you can check me out from time to time here:

Of course if you feel what you’ve written is crap – well it’s crap just leave it. You should NEVER go back to what you’ve written. It’s really hard – that’s my weakest point when I type on a computer – but it’s for our own good…

Then in the morning at ten I decided to really attack the novel with something like this to begin Chapter 1:

* * *

   February 2013


A tall handsome boy came through the doorway. His eyes were sparkling in a golden brown shimmer. He had tanned dark skin, and she found that he seemed older than his 16 years of age.

   She heard a “Ew!” behind her. There were so many racists in the world. She couldn’t stand them. He was a new student; and new arrivals always made them skeptical and scornful. But he was cute…

   “Students, this is Makil Awasthi Chakyar,” Mr. Heath declared. “He will be attending the remaining semesters and the rest of your school years with you. Say hi to your new friend.”

   “Hi Makil.” they mechanically replied. It was obvious that many of them were annoyed of all this because recently there had been too many new teens coming at Theresa High School. They  were bored of this ritual.

   She was the only one who thought that this guy was different.

   “Hi. Please, call me Mak.”

   She unintentionally smiled. His gaze turned to her. Embarrassed, she quickly looked down at her calculus copybook. She wondered if she was blushing. Fortunately he didn’t kept his attention on her and went to sit in a vacant chair.

   The class moved on normally as if he had never been there. New students adapted to the school pretty fast. They just became another shadow with the thousands of shadows…


She screamed.

She hadn’t want the dream to end. She hadn’t want the shadows to take her back.


* * *

I have a steady outline for the first chapters and a rather good plot for half of the story so I guess I’m safe until 15 November… Then I’ll start to panic and write crap LOL well I hope not! I like to rely on my characters: they are the ones who shall direct the story. It’s so much more interesting that way. Especially if you have unpredictable characters. You never know when they will lead you!

* * *

   “No!!” she shrieked.

   The sky was getting very red… dark red… like blood. It was menacing. The Angel seemed to grow taller and taller as if he was trying to reach the sky. She felt compelled to lie down to protect herself from the violent rush of wind that was trying to remove her from here. From her friends, her family.

   “It is for your own good,” the voice of the old man echoed all around her.

   From herself…

* * *

I finally reached 1770 for today… and since I’m writing this post right now and that my fingers are getting addicted, I might do a little more Nano now… ^^

So for WriMos… Good luck!!!

For readers… I’ll do my best to keep you updated on this unique crazy challenge! ^^

An Evil Nymph.

5 thoughts on “NaNo Day 1: Starting the Fire in Heaven

  1. Great going! I started at midnight, too, and managed about 800 words. I couldn’t reach the wordcount yesterday so I’ll be working hard today. Some interesting extracts of what you’ve done so far – yay typos! Haha I haven’t seen/read an angel story in a while so it’ll be good to see where this goes 🙂

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