November Day 3: NaNoWriMo Day 3

I was planning on posting every day this month due to NaNo but well I don’t think I’ll be able to LOL so there’s no “day 2” post sorry about that. I might be posting like every 2 days or so… and not only on NaNo because I don’t want to annoy the non-participants either…

Last time when I published my NaNo day 1: Starting the Fire in Heaven post (by the way the title “Starting the Fire…” has been chosen because of my NaNo novel title “Burning in Heaven” in case you didn’t read previous NaNo posts and thus didn’t have a clue about that), wordpress showed the usual message:

“You’ve now published 75 posts on this blog!”

But there was also this second part which I found very funny:

“This is your 1st post tagged nanowrimo2011. You�ve written 708 words and your novel is now 1.4% complete. Wicked!”

Haha!! Well sorry but I’m not writing my novel on WordPress but in my dear forever writing friend: Microsoft Words. And I thought that if I tagged my posts “nanowrimo2011” it meant that I was writing about NaNo, tips etc… It’s written here anyway:

Today is thus day 3 and yesterday I wrote until my word count reached 3489 words. I was rather tired yesterday because I had tuition and everything…

And before actually going to tuition my parents and I went to a mall – it was a public holiday so the place was lively – and I saw a wonderful thing: the Halloween spirits!!!

halloween decorations pumpkins and ghosts balloons

ghost of death in balloon for halloween

witchy pumpkin balloon for halloween

My country is slowly but steadily adapting to Western cultures – without ignoring the Asian traditions. I’m so proud of it! I hope that one day Wicca will be recognised too here…

Meanwhile, as I promised…

Here’s an excerpt of “Burning in Heaven” 🙂

* * *

   “If this incident hadn’t been discovered by the Gods, destruction would have been the fate of the two most powerful worlds which ever existed. Even the blue planet, the Earth which was at that time being created by both the community of angels and daemons, a big project which had been planned for centuries, would have been annihilated. The Earth contributed in the struggle for a better balanced world; the Horai and the Morrígan wanted to give birth to a new world, which meant hope for everyone.

“When the close relationship of the two lovers was revealed, it was too late: the act had already been done, the fusion between them was complete. A creature half-angel and half-deamon had been conceived, and the Gods had no idea what to do with it. The debate of keeping it or not had created a fuss during the year. Lucy, the mother, desperately longed for keeping the child. Gabriel was confused, but he swore he would support the love of his existence.

“The day of the birth of this strange creature was approaching and still not a single coherent decision had been made.

* * *

Have a great NaNo writing day!

An Evil  Nymph.

3 thoughts on “November Day 3: NaNoWriMo Day 3

  1. Your novel sounds really interesting, I can’t wait to read the rest of it! I’m amused at WordPress’s response to your NaNo post. LOL. First genuine smile and laughter of my day. Thank you, and happy writing!

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