Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

When I think about ‘hidden’ I mainly think of secrets, of forbidden things…

diary of a teenage girl

This is not my secret diary though LOL – my secret diary is a password protected Microsoft Word document.

It’s the cover of one of my copybook of ideas 🙂 It’s so very cute and fluffy… and no one ever reads it except me! no one should anyway; it contains most of my main writing ideas… and I also use it for my NaNo planning.

So many things are kept hidden in it… 😛

Have a great NaNo day!

An Evil Nymph.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

  1. I smiled when I read that you keep your journal on Microsoft word. So do I! Haha it is so much faster to get thoughts out via the keyboard right? I love it.

    I love your weekly photo challenge as well, it’s always nice to see the way someone else views the world.

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