NaNo is stalking Me!

It’s really true you know, the fact that your characters tend to build the story by themselves. My NaNo novel is quie different from my actual planning, but that’s great. As I type on, I keep getting more ideas, I get to know more about my characters. It’s awesome!

And how is NaNo stalking me? Well, my story is about Angels and Daemons and right now I’m concentrating on the most gorgeous one called Gabriel, and on Saturday when I went shopping, I could stop seeing ‘angelic’ things. Don’t worry, no Hallucinations! What I mean is that in stalls I could see clothes which make you feel like you are an angel when you put it on, just like this one:

angelic black and white top for girls and womenYes, I bought it and I even put it on for my grandma’s birthday which was celebrated yesterday.

I couldn’t stop thinking about my three main protagonists: Elaine, Mak and Gabriel… 🙂

Then I also saw these and instantly fell in love with them:

angel wings black and white earrings

angel lucky charm

Angels, angels, they are everywhere!!! 😛

By the way I also bought this:

demon fire charm

That’s sort of devilish right? LOL,

No in fact I bought this one because I like the pattern, it reminded me of the Celtic designs on one of my copybooks at home.

Anyway, here are some excerpts of my “Burning in Heaven.”:

* * *

   Despite all those self-warnings, she let the liquid flow in. Her conscience was leaving her; she was not sure what she should do or not. She was too tired to think it over. She was thirsty and someone was giving her a drink – point blank.

After the whole glass was empty, the hand that had tightened round her chin, eased away and the light slowly went away. The intruder was leaving the room, without having said anything. She then knew. Before she lost consciousness she knew. She always found it out when it was all too late.

She should not have drunk the substance.

It was the poison.

The darkness was eating the light, it was the master of this room again. Black triumphed against white. She was panicked, but she was too exhausted to express it physically. She caught a glimpse of a tall shadow in what seemed like the doorway, before pure darkness took over the place again, before her eyes closed in a very deep slumber…

* * *

   The classroom smelled of fresh chalk and paperwork. It was filled with a strong white and gold light, warm and relaxing for some, unbearable and fiery for others, especially for Elaine. She could not tolerate this place. Heaven was terrible.

   At least in class, the temperature was a bit more cooler, but still, she had to concentrate hard to listen to and understand the lectures. Even writing – be it classwork or homework – was a burden in this burning climate.

   However, in Gabriel’s class, Elaine felt different. He taught the basic laws and regulations of Heaven, and loved to animate the class, by talking a little bit more also about Angels in general, their history and culture. Sometimes he invited debates and discussions; he made his students speak out, participate in class. He rendered studies much more lively and interesting.

   On that day, Elaine caught herself staring at Gabriel too frequently: when he spoke, when he turned towards the blackboard to write, when he paced thoughtfully through the room after giving them a small assignment, his hands tied behind his back… His golden hair moved gracefully, his eyes shone with amusement and wisdom, his voice was dominating, but very friendly and encouraging…

   Elaine was completely seduced by him.

   As she faithfully paid attention to all his lectures, she did not forget that angels had strict rules about the sin of Lust.

   Not that she had wanted to have sex with Gabriel! But the feeling was very near to it…

   In brief she was infatuated with her teacher. Totally. In. Love.

   That was indeed crazy! But Elaine had denied it for too long. She had to accept it – and deal with it in the most appropriate way. Falling in love with a teacher was considered to be bad.

   Although Gabriel looked very young, she was aware that he had at least a million years old; as angels were immortal. In the matters of love though, age did not seem to count anymore.

   She caught her gaze on his god-like body again, and scolded herself for it. She could not allow her current desire to be revealed in class. She had to be careful; she had to act as a mature teenage sixteen-year-old girl. As he scanned through the classroom, Gabriel’s eyes randomly fell on her; she quickly tilted her head down because she feared that she had started to blush. Her guilty pleasure should not be noticed. She should bury her feelings; she did not want to attract trouble. She has been living here for barely a week.

   Somewhat she felt that someone was watching her. She surreptitiously lifted up her eyes to the one sitting beside her… but the image was blurry.

   She could not remember yet.

   But someone knew about her crush on Gabriel, someone was suspecting her every movements, someone was…

   Breathe in, breathe out. She was only being paranoid… and crazy in love.

   She smirked as she continued to write in her copybook, though the memory of what had to be written was still not coming back. It did not seem to matter anyway. What mattered to her was her unexpected feelings towards her teacher. She felt that she was doing something terribly wrong. The mere thought of Gabriel as someone who was more than a simple lecturer was completely immoral! Her state of mind and mingle of emotions were frightening… but also very exciting.

   Something was definitely wrong with her.

   Moreover, another student in the class had noticed it.

   Elaine could almost smell the scent of problems. But when her eyes went to Gabriel again, she forgot all her worries.

   “Please, just call me Gabriel.”

   Her heart could have leaped from her body when he had uttered these words. He was so kind to his students; he treated all of them like they were all his friends. He was so unique, so… sexy.

   Elaine was feeling very hot in the classroom. She struggled to focus on her work, but she simply could not.

   The bell unpredictably rang to announce the end of Gabriel’s classes.

   “Your essay should be done by Monday,” the soft musical voice declared. “Have a nice weekend everyone. Goodbye.”

* * *

   The empty flask lied in his trousers’ pocket. Gabriel’s conscious mind felt much lighter as he walked away from the dark room where Elaine was captivated. Professor Adeodatus might have given her a poison that was slowly killing her brain, but he then gave her another potion of his: a substance that would defeat the deathly drink, that would make Elaine remember. He always went back to the room after the professor had done his job, without being noticed. He was helping her, and in doing so, he was deceiving all the inhabitants of Heaven.

He wasn’t feeling guilty of his actions though. It was his own sole choice. He did not agree with the destruction of human kind. He liked humans, because one of them had been his son, his blood and genes, and also Lucy’s, his long lost lover. He was not going to let the Horai and the Morrígan win. He was going to fight back.

If any angel would happen to discover his intentions, he would surely think that Elaine had tempted him too, that he had been vulnerable to her devilish nature. Angels always blamed everything on daemons, and vice versa. No one ever thought that everyone had his own thoughts, his own decisions to make, his choices without being influenced by any outer factor.

He was known to be the best archangel that ever breathed; he was even a hero, a myth for humans. Angel Gabriel: that was his title.

But in fact, since he had met Lucy, he had never come back to an angelic state of mind. He could not consider himself to be an angel. He felt more like… a human being.

* * *

Is NaNo stalking you too??

Again, Good Luck everyone!

An Evil Nymph.

7 thoughts on “NaNo is stalking Me!

  1. Well, Angel MD, you have great taste in your clothes and jewellery once again, angelic as are the lines of your story. Looks like you are getting off to an angelic start in NaNoWriMo. Hang in there and best of luck 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. NaNo is stalking me but only to remind me that I haven’t now written in 6 days! Its going to be another 4 days before I can even get started again on my novel due to me travelling in Vietnam with my brother and my girlfriend BUT on the plus side, I am getting tons of good ideas everywhere I go! Keep up the good work and roll on 30th November when we’ll all be winners 🙂

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