Nano? Are you still with me?

If you have been following me on Twitter you might have noticed that… well I haven’t tweeted much these days and neither did I posted much on my blog because I had a full week of depression + exams + keeping up on NaNo.

Fortunately NaNo wasn’t that much of a problem, only that it really used up all my spare time! 😛

Anway this will be a short post…

Everyday I’m trying to write at least 2000 words instead of the usual 1667 so that you’re safer… 🙂 and also because I discovered a horrible thing about Microsoft words:

The word counter is terrible!

countdownImage from photobucket.

What I mean is that for example:

1. when I do this “I like you – I mean…” the ‘-‘ counts as one word! Omg! The moment I realised that I stopped using it… at least less frequently.

2. when I do that:

* * *

to shift scenes, it is considered as 3 words!!

That’s not cool.

So I just do this:


Anyway if any of you is using Microsoft words, you really should take these into consideration! That’s why I’ve decided to strive for at least 60K words instead of the usual 50K… well at least 56K… 🙂

Be safe and careful guys! Word counters are tricky sometimes… and not only in Microsoft word! I’ve tried with online counters too… 😛

Merry writing!

An Evil Nymph.

6 thoughts on “Nano? Are you still with me?

  1. Hey, you, glad you are sticking with it. If it is getting too much, letting it go is not a sin, you know. You gave it your best and that’s a win! I didn’t even try. If you don’t get time to visit my pages, I understand. You are a busy chickie and I’m impressed. Congrats on your efforts so far!

    1. I don’t think I’ll let go because I’m deep into this adventure now and I love love it!! 😀 Thanks for your support 🙂 but I read every single one of your posts ^^ it’s always a pleasure!

  2. Word counters in MS Word blow, you are so right. I recently submitted some writing to a mag that asked that your submission be between 1000 and 1200 words. I submitted one that MS said was 995 words. The mags counter said it was 1195! Where the hell did that number come from?!……..Thanks for the tips and way to go on the NaNo writing!

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