Sketch of a Daemon Girl

In my NaNo novel, the main protagonist is called Elaine Graith and she is the girl who becomes a daemon but is stuck in Heaven. One afternoon, I took pencil and paper and drew a quick sample of her.

demon girl sketch drawingAlright I know I didn’t draw her face, because I hid it with her hair. It looks weird… anyway, it’s Elaine after she’s been captured and tortured. 😛 That’s why her fresh young wings are torn…

In fact I wanted to draw the wings mainly; I love how daemons have the dragon-like wings while the angels have the bird-like ones (white feathers)… at least in my story.

Excerpt! Now:

Feel the power, Gabriel had said in his lessons. Feel it growing like a flower in the sun. Feel it everywhere, around you, inside of you. Then, be part of it.

She obeyed his words that seemed to hang in the air. She felt it. The power. It was so easy to focus here; everything was so easy here.

Be part of it.

Elaine found herself holding her breath, while she mentally pushed something that has been present since the beginning of time, since her soul was born. Something that was now ready to grow out of its shell.

She grasped as she felt her skin tear apart in her back, to make way for her wings. She also weirdly felt something wrapping around her body. It was almost over. The pain was going away. Her rebirth was complete.

She gradually opened her eyes. She felt… changed. Hastily, she kneeled down on the bank of the lake and stared at her own reflection.

Her heart stopped dead.

What she saw was what she had least expected.

She turned round to have a closer look at her wings. They were now a part of her and she could spread them, flap them, and do whatever she wanted with them. But unlike the other angels, hers were not white and feathery. Her wings resembled a dragon’s; they were made of some type of skin, and were black, except for the skin surrounding what she thought was her wings’ thin bones which was red.

Oh my god…

She stared at herself in horror.

Moreover she was not wearing a tank top and a pair of jeans anymore, but a mini black strapless dress. Her pair of white baskets had been replaced by long black leather boots.

Suddenly, she felt exhausted. She leaned on a large stalagmite. She had to rest, to think properly about this whole situation.

On the other hand, she was not very surprised of the unexpectedly turn of events. She knew that she was different from the others, that she had chosen Heaven over Hell because of her ego and pride. But she was scared. She was worried that she was caught in this daemonic attire by the angels. She had heard of horrible things happening to daemons that came to occupy Heaven.

Would she be able to confide in Mak this time? And what about Gabriel? And her parents?

She instinctively hid her wings back into her back skin, so that it would be unnoticeable. At the same time, she also felt her dress and boots disappearing to leave space to her usual clothing. It was surely late; she had to get back home.

* * *

Merry writing!

An Evil Nymph.

11 thoughts on “Sketch of a Daemon Girl

  1. I can’t think of another word better than incredible, to describe your writing! hope to see much more! you’re amazingly talented Daphnee! 🙂

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