For those who have already reached 50,000 words…

Congrats!!!! 😀


I’ve reached 50k words too yesterday night ^^ (did you see my winning badge on the right??) but hell, my novel is nowhere near ready! I feel like I’m still halfway in the writing. I reviewed it briefly yesterday and realised that I have much much to edit and all that. But really, I thank NaNo because thanks to this challenge I am now determined to finish the story and maybe next year or when I’ll be ready for it: I’ll go and publish. My dad told me he’d help me if I do. 🙂

I never really finished a novel, except a fanfiction of mine then another story I had written to fill a whole diary which has been offered as a gift. Why did I finish those and not the other various documents that lay dormant in my hard disk? Well that was because I had some readership… I mean in you publish chapter by chapter and I would have found it cruel to abruptly stop writing! I hate to deceive those who support me in something I do and especially that I love too. Same for the diary: I brought it to school and my friends would read it… 🙂

And thus because I’ve shared with you my NaNo experience through this challenging month, I’ve decided to invest deeper in my novel and produce something out of it. For you, guys 😀

About challenges… there had been a challenge hosted by Aurora on her blog: we had to provide her with ingredients and she’ll make a story out of them… and here’s mine:


An Evil Nymph.

11 thoughts on “For those who have already reached 50,000 words…

  1. I am anxiously waiting to read your book sweet Daphnee! you’re such an incredible person at heart and so i firmly believe that your work will be just as incredible 🙂 again! congratulations 🙂

  2. Congratulations!! That’s such an accomplishment! 😀 Keep working on it because surely the 1st draft is the biggest and toughest step.
    My writing has been hampered by sickness, but I’m going to plow through my last 4000 words – victory is too close to give up!

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