Clouds and Daydreams and… a Book Cover?

Sorry for not having been present during the weekend… Because I spent it in a hotel with my family! 🙂 It’s nice to pause and take a breath sometimes… you should try too! The hotel is called…

le victoria hotel in mauritius logo

hotel le victoria pool in tropical island mauritius

I lost myself in the relaxing world of tourism… ^^

hotel le victoria and palm trees

And drunk myself with a fountain of chocolate… with coconut loaves 🙂

hotel le victoria and chocolate dessert


We went to stay at the hotel for one night – from Saturday to Sunday, and it happened so quickly! Nevertheless I had time to stare at the sky… and wonder about my novel (yeps I’m addicted!) “Burning in Heaven”…

blue sky and white clouds

And this picture is so perfect for the book cover! hehe… I know that is far fetched daydreaming because I’ve not yet finished writing… Anyway I have been wandering about this for a while now and I was thinking of a sort of cover like this:

sunset sky

Beautiful uh? But I can’t take this one actually because it comes from the hotel room…

sunset sky painting

Hehe… but with the photo of the blue shy I took above I’ll just play with Photoshop… and we’ll see what I can come up with ^^

Afterwards – Sunday afternoon – we went to Infotech – a sort of exposition on new technologies (laptops, iPhone, blah blah…) and I was especially excited because of the Samsung Galaxy SII as I’m determined to get this for Christmas (and it’s in promotion right now of course LOL)

With this I’ll finally be able to blog wherever I am, to read e-books everywhere I go (and believe me I have tons to read!!), to update my Twitter more often… well… I guess I’ll have a sort of a mini of my dear laptop in hands ^^

Hope you had a great weekend too!

An Evil Nymph.

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