Snow Time… or Not

Hey so December is on the other side of the door… and so is Christmas 🙂 A month of joy and festivities!

But here we miss some of the magic because, well we don’t have snow. I’ve always dreamt of touching snow… but well, here it’s tropical weather and it’s summer of Christmas! Fortunately I don’t really mind…

Anyway this week, I want to share with you another contribution I made to Picture it & Write by Ermilia’s blog. The picture is:

it's snowing in the city

Original post:

My contribution:

The ringing bells and flashing of neon lights made me drunk as I walked down the pavement, out in the icy cold weather. I crossed my arms over my chest to warm myself. School was out and students like me were spending their time doing shopping or just taking a walk. The December festivities were approaching and we all had to buy gifts for our beloved family and friends.
And then it started to snow. I stopped dead, and looked up.
I have never seen such a beautiful sky. Whiteness ruled over the sky; it filled everything, and now it comes down to reach for us, to cover the ground… to cover our past, our miseries, our pain… It soothes us, numbs us…
It comforts our loss, stops our tears;
It strengthens our soul to move on.
Because if we halt, we will freeze to death.

An Evil Nymph.

Wish you all the best for this ending year ^^

11 thoughts on “Snow Time… or Not

  1. You know, Christmas may be the only time of year I’m not envious of tropical weather. That picture is really cool and I liked your passage. That’s really what we do for the first snowfall–stop and look up (and maybe stick out our tongues).

  2. OMG! This is so good, I saw snow sky, I felt that last line all the way home… unexpected turn of phrase… so succinctly expressing the human need to press on. Nice work, Daphnee 🙂 Sharing on Twitter right now!

  3. 😀 for the first time in 4 years I wouldn’t have snow on Christmas and, man, how I love the hot weather by the end of the year!

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