Sites of the Month: November 2011

I know,  I know, I’m late! It’s already December! I wanted to write this post in the beginning of this week but because of my weekend vacation – I had so much to share with you 😀 – I couldn’t.

Anyway I’m starting to have lots of ideas – good or bad – for posts for both of my blogs and I’m also still moving on with my NaNo novel… + Youtube just made me confused with his new design and I had to adjust my channel to fit it etc… + Christmas is approaching… well just that I’m a bit overwhelmed LOL!

summer paradise

Credit goes to Google as always ^^ 

*Yay summer holidays!*

Now for the websites I chose to share with you during this month…

First and foremost the best Twitter tool I’ve ever used: which detects those who follow and unfollow me and automatically tweets that ….. unfollowed me! 😛 Like this a lot!

Polyvore is a treasure to all fashion lovers… and dreamers especially! ^^ Come and create your own world of of beauty!

Are you just starting to paint? This website covers the basics of such a magickal art. Discover a whole colourful world!!

Then comes the part when I was researching intensively on the process of writing and publishing a book. Ecrivains en herbe, enjoy:

Nathan Bransford provides a very helpful article on How to Find a Literary Agent.

I mentioned Rachelle Gardner before but I really really have to share her blog to you again – I so love it! – with this article: How to Write a Book Proposal. 

A fun and nice webpage I stumbled on about Writing after the First Draft

Then the hardest part of completing a novel: How to Revise a Novel by Holly Lisle. once revealed that if you master screenwriting, you can master the success of your novel 🙂 [this is no quote, mind you lol just made that up to summarise things…] So go and learn!

Fan of reading? Yearn to read more often than you usually do? This is your place!

You know what? Nobody is perfect! Even beauty and makeup chicks like me 🙂

Enjoy navigating the web, guys!!

An Evil Nymph.

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