A Real Man Never Hits A Woman

They married and lived happily ever after until the end of their lives… or not? That’s where the story really begins, by their union, for weeks and months they remain in happiness, in love, pierced by Cupid’s arrow, entwined in their blood dripping from an illusion which is often called Love. Unfortunately for most women, it was indeed an illusion. A dream. And she ends up waking up one morning to realize that the man who sleeps next to her is a stranger.
It begins with a small slap, a sweet blow, a  nice reproach. Then the man becomes monster when the situation hardens into consecutive shoves, violent slaps in the face and insults that stabs the entire body. The man she thought was the One this time is actually the worst of what she might have had.
But a woman loves her husband, and when she loves, she forgives. He then apologizes with all his heart and she welcomes him back into her life. He sends her flowers and she kisses him.They again become lovers like the first time. And history repeats itself. The cycle continues…
And when the monster comes back, he hits harder.
And she clings to him even more.
What stupidity, say those who do not know…
But those who know and have been there have a different opinion. There are those who want to do something, those who have already done something. Then there are those who will not talk about it. Is it fear? Fear of how people will look at her, of the media, the whole world, or simply the husband? Or shame? You can never really know what’s going on in someone’s head, what are their deepest and most sincere reasons.
Anyway, this is dedicated to battered women, for they know that they are not alone …
stop violence against women
I’ve been deeply touched by Nora Roberts’s “Dance Upon the Air” whose protagonist is a woman that is haunted by her husband who has abused of her trust… who has beat her again and again mercilessly. But in the end she triumphs out of this miserable life. Because a woman has the right to live happy, right? 🙂
There’s also a non-profit organisation that I support and found through facebook and it’s called “A Real Man Never Hits A Woman” and I’m subscribed to it since I don’t know when…
 To battered women in the world: please, don’t let go. You’re not alone in all this. There are people who can help you. Wish you happiness and Good luck 🙂
An Evil Nymph.

26 thoughts on “A Real Man Never Hits A Woman

  1. A man that hits a woman is a coward, the only ever reason for man to touch a woman is to support and love her. The moment he raises his arm, Is the moment he has given up his right to be called man and takes up the title of an animal.

  2. Nora Roberts is a fine authoress. I’ve included her in my library of fast, fun reads for 30 years. I love that once I pick her up I devour the novel in a night. I am smitten with any author that can keep me awake reading all night. That kind of loss of sleep works just fine. Seems to have an underlying message or two in all her books. And anytime a message of hope can be transpired to women who live under a roofs of oppression and violence this is a wonderful thing. Just as is your link to an amazing page. That women (and many,many good men) today are so much about making certain the secret is no longer held, that faith in honesty may save a life, that bruises & black eyes should never be ignored, and telling someone who is in need of help that their abuse can and will no longer be accepted nor tolerated. It may the woman turn away if she’s not ready, but enabling her choice to stay could in the very end kill her. I’d rather be abandoned as a friend by her choice than by some mans choice to punch her to death. There is no living with that.

    @Andy. I hesitate to assume you are a gentlemen from your name and from your comment. Bravo you regardless of your gender.
    However; if you are a gentleman,[ rather I should say gentleMAN ] you not only earn being called “Man” you also earn the respect and admiration of every reader who visit this post. The courage and strength is takes to express these views only proves to us who are reading this that there are men who get it.
    Humbly this woman says thank you so much for your kind loving support.

  3. Well said, Daphnee! You are a sharing a very important message and I’m hoping your peers spread it widely as well, it’s never too early to learn how wrong this really is. You would enjoy Kim’s pages as well, she has a ton of information and insights to this terrible situation many unintentionally find themselves in. I met Kim through Lafemmeroars Crazy Chicks Club. Here’s the link to her pages: http://myinnerchick.com/

  4. @barefoot Baroness Hi! i’m a single dad to my beautiful daughter, i often look at the world out there and i’d be lying if i didn’t say i fear for her safety all the time when she’s old enough to be on her own. It’s a scary world out there, thank you so much for your sweet comment. It means a lot to me, you truly made my day 🙂 🙂

  5. How proud to read that you are in fact a man who has this awesome belief in advocating against domestic abuse and women being battered.
    You’ve every reason to be vigilant for your daughter, now and when she’s older. Always. It actually never stops. The fears of attacks, assaults, or worse are not just fears to be treated lightly. As a woman who has advocated for children all my adult life and serve as CASA for three counties I see what the dangers are for our children. Domestic violence leaves scars on children who witness it. Their brains are forever changed. I’m not always convinced that the men who batter get it. As for the women who are in this situation, they get it about their children. But often getting out is not as easy as it seems.
    You should always be commended for being a single parent. No matter the gender. But there is something that touches my heart about a dad who steps up. I suppose it’s a personal reason for being touched by dads who don’t blow off their kids. Just know from me that I recognize how hard it must be. I have a daughter who is a single parent and who has solely been her son’s prime support. I see how hard it is and the support she often requires from her parents and community. But when it comes to help for single dad’s we’re sorely lacking in this country.
    So bravo to you Andy!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! i am truly flattered and i’m so glad there’s someone who understands what i am going through as a single dad, to be honest though. I credit all to my daughter, she’s got such a loving and supportive nature that i am actually learning more from her than she’s learning from me. Honestly, i don’t know how i would be if it wasn’t for her teaching me lessons in patience and in understanding. Each day, i am thankful to god for the blessing i received and kudos for advocating for those who need a stronger voice to speak for them.

      You’re most welcome also, for my following your blog. I look forward to reading more of your great posts! 🙂

  6. “””a sweet blow…”” Never. NeEEEEver Sweet.

    I have found that the ABUSER never usually changes…. At least my sister’s did not. We always thought he would…

    He abused with his sharp tongue & made her feel small small small.

    Thank you for this post. Thank you for bringing awareness to this epidemic.

    I shall check out that facebook site.

    Xx Nice meeting you via Aurora.

  7. Indeed, a REAL MAN never hits a woman. So true EvilNymph. It is easy for people on the outside to judge what happens in an abusive relationship. We would say “just get out”, but often it’s not that easy. I was one of those people that judged, but thank God, or rather Oprah 🙂 I saw the errors of my ways. Only abused women can decide when enough is enough. Cheers to all the strong women in this world.

  8. Unfortunately, life isn’t always like the story books we read. Many women end up dead before they escape and others end up in prison because they killed their abuser. I was one of the fortunate ones that escaped, but it came close. I had a gun to his head when he was passed out one night but couldn’t pull the trigger. One other time he was laying in the bathtub and the hairdryer was still plugged into the wall, it would have only took the flip of my wrist to fry him, still I couldn’t do it, thank You God!! I applaud your efforts to bring awareness to your readers. The louder our voices become, the more that hear us! Bravo!!!! Blessings, Terri

  9. This is terrific ENS – a very worthwhile post – and good with the links too. Happy New Year ! 🙂

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