Christmas Presents – in Advance –

Hey I hope that everyone is enjoying the Christmas and New Year holidays 🙂 For Christmas, as I don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore LOL, I usually ask a special present and I get it in advance. Yes indeed IN ADVANCE. Why?

i) I’m so excited that I can’t wait,
ii) I prefer to give gifts instead of receiving one for Christmas.

I love the fact that I can surprise my little sister or help my parents wrap the presents. I like to be Sister Christmas you see 🙂 This holiday season is a time for giving, sharing… 🙂

And for those good deeds (that everyone should do), sometimes in the end I get an additional gift that appears in the middle of the early morning (after midnight lol) under the Christmas tree… like the time when my parents totally surprised me by offering me Dan Brown’s latest “The Lost Symbol” in the original cover + a book guide to it!!!

christmas tree clipart

Anyway this year I asked for two awesome things:

1. World Without End (the hard copy which has 1200+ pages :D) by Ken Follett:

ken follett world without end book gift

Omg when I discovered that The Pillars of the Earth (number one on my favourite books list) actually has a sequel… Yes indeed World without end is two centuries after what happened in the first book so I’ll end up in late medieval ages. Anyway I need to find a stable period of time to read this… and this time is not now at all. I also have lots of e-books to read including Heather Marie Adkins‘s The Temple…

2. Samsung Galaxy SII in white!!

Yes this is the best part LOL

samsung galaxy s2

My very first android phone… ^^ when it first came to me it fitted my palm so perfectly ♥

Hehe and I so love it! I’m still learning to get used to it 🙂 and what I don’t like though is that
i) it’s complicated to turn off shutter sound in the camera.
ii) at night my camera renders photos with green tints! That’s not cool!
iii) I almost always need an internet connection, even for the “mini diary” (which I love by the way because well, I’m a writer) and especially Google docs (which should have introduced the offline option since… a long time ago!), but there isn’t Wifi everywhere… 😦 Fortunately internet is not necessary for Kindle! 🙂

As I will get more friendly with my s2 I might find more… or not.

But well these are small disadvantages… for me… in this country… so in all it’s a great phone 😀

Might start blogging with it… soon?

Anyway, I hope you’re expecting Christmas with full of love and joyful spirits!

Give and you’ll receive.

Best Holiday Wishes!!

An Evil Nymph.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Presents – in Advance –

  1. I’ve yet to watch the pillars of the earth series, so books I’m definitely behind on, but wow that’s one sweet phone! i DO hope you’ll blog more with it though 😉 hope that green tint issue gets resolved by Samsung soon 🙂

  2. I absolutely love Ken Fillet’s PILLARS OF THE EARTH. I will definitely have to get the sequel. U are a very talented and unique young lady. BTW… I LOVE sister Christmas…:)

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