Gifts That Come From the Heart [My Christmas/Yule Wishlist!]

My dear friend Aurora made a Christmas Wishlist not a long time ago and I love this post so much that I wanted to share it to you and also my wishlist. The things we should wish for should be more abstract (like peace, love, etc) than material (iPhone, toys, etc), because in the end we find out that the toys begin to wear out and break whereas love of your parents or any other relative and friend remains forever.

wish you would love me

As I’m a fan of Wiccan traditions I also know that Yule is coming soon (around the 21st) and this is in a way Christmas’s ancestor. It is to celebrate the winter solstice. Don’t forget to light your red and green candles 🙂

So here’s my Christmas/Yule wishlist for the year ending 2011 🙂
1. I wish to be less reserved and introvert in the outside world, to be able to speak out my opinions clearly to the world.

2. I wish that people realise that there are other people out there who are less lucky than them and stop complaining about how unlucky they are. They should not be surprised that some people can’t afford what they can, can’t do what they can. The should be aware of this and be concerned about it.

3. I wish that we will all care a little more about our health and inner personality instead of focusing on the money and looks.

4. I wish my willpower to be stronger for me to be able to have more faith in my dreams and never doubt that I can’t make it. People should always follow their passions, whatever they may be.

5. I wish that prejudice would stop. We should stop judging people at a single glance and talk behind their backs, without concrete proof that what we’re actually saying is true and relevant.

6. I wish to be deaf to all negativity that comes out of sharp tongues, which can really hurt.

7. I wish I was always optimistic 🙂 and thanks to for that!

8. I wish to find my soulmate while I still live. To find someone that I will be able to fully open myself to, that I can sincerely trust.

9. I wish to find my real inner self and resist all temptations that will influence me to change, to imitate others and lose my originality. People should accept everyone as they are, not try to transform them into what they want them to be.

10. Finally, I wish that everyone may live Life to the fullest! 🙂

Christmas or Yule is such a wonderful time to make good deeds and think more of others, isn’t it?

An Evil Nymph.

12 thoughts on “Gifts That Come From the Heart [My Christmas/Yule Wishlist!]

  1. Thanks for sharing your list of wishes, you are such a doll, the more I see of your inner self and your pure earth walk, the more I admire you and see your goals all reached… it is bound to happen… just never stop writing no matter what 🙂 (thanks also for the shout out, you’ve inspired me to do something for Christmas now, I think I’ll try to be more positive in my postings, LOL) Ah, well… as long as we are true to who we are. So glad to know you, Daphnee xo
    Merry Christmas and a most happy 2012 be yours!

  2. Wow had no idea you’re a follower of Wiccan traditions. I don’t even know they entail exactly, but that makes you quite interesting!

    Merry Christmas ENS 🙂 This was a great post – Aurora & you!

  3. Reblogged this on The Way I Live Naturally and commented:
    What can I say Daph? We are all unique and people can’t simply fix us because this is who we are. Vocal or not, expressive or shy or whatever THIS IS WHO WE ARE, THIS IS WHO IS ME AND YOU CAN’T FIX ME. I wish people can accept that. 🙂

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