Christmas’s Ancestor: Yule

Today many Wiccans in the world are celebrating the winter solstice, also know as Yule. I’m not much of a practitioner myself because my family is strongly Catholic (not that they are narrow-minded but well… they somewhat know that I’m interested in Wicca anyway) but I love Wicca traditions and I always wear my purple pentacle during those seasonal festivals. Sometimes I find the time and opportunity to light a candle or incense for the goddess or use runes and symbols especially for healing and protection…

Wicca is simply everywhere.

Today it’s been raining cats and dogs though we had 100% sunshine during the whole week… and I’d like to thank the Goddess for that because my country has been lacking fresh water and we were in a period of drought.

drops of rain on the window glass

Today is also a perfect day to get back to Wicca. I remembered when I had just discovered this religion last year and the first few months were… well very Wiccan. I own a big bag filled with my stuff like my portable altar (LOL) and candles and all… I felt fearless and untouched by what people would think and for and I would even stay up late to cast circles and do rituals and spells… then I remember that for last year’s Ostara (Spring Equinox) I even dared to buy a bouquet of flowers right after school and bring it home in front of everyone i.e. my uncle, grandparents and all of those working at my place in my little family shop. Now that I think of it I guess that everyone thought that my boyfriend (that I don’t even have… but everyone is also so suspicious at my place) had given me those although I kept on saying that it was to celebrate Flowers (because of spring you know…).

I’d do anything to be closer to Wicca… For example I know that my little is a very faithful Catholic and she used to pray at the small Mary & Jesus altar we have at home and I decided to pray together with her in the same room… but in my own way (with my own altar) so that my parents would not think that my witchy tendencies were… evil. Wiccans serve goodness too because “An ye harm none, do what ye will.” Right? 🙂

wiccan laws

But when 2011 hit my life I began to stop being so avid in my Wiccan research because I had to prepare myself for important exams. It’s been a long time since I cast a circle. Yet I kept on celebrating the seasonal festivals by spreading some herbs on the roof of my house, or simply wearing my pentacle even when I go to school. I also recite a prayer to the Goddess that I get either from the web, from “Wicca: Guide to A Solitary Practitioner” by Scott Cunningham, or from my heart.

For the time being I don’t think I can do more than that… But I think it’s enough for now. There’s no need to rush.

And what’s so great is that Yule is very easy to celebrate. I read about its lore and… you just need to set up your Yule tree… which is in fact our traditional Christmas tree! 🙂

christmas yule tree

So merry Yule to everyone!!! 🙂 whatever your beliefs may be! Wish you the best ♥

An Evil Nymph.

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