Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

This is me and my Sony camera in front of our Christmas tree 🙂

self-portrait within a christmas ball

Alright I know that you can’t clearly see me through the red ball… but well I like the effect. I wanted my face to be clearer in the ball but there wasn’t better than that.

Anyway I’m busy with the end of year season and having fun nevertheless and I hope that you do too!

Let me tell you that my self-portrait of this year is totally different from last year, thanks to the blogging community.

My portrait was filled with colours though, last year, but the colours were mixed all together… and the big picture was I mess. I was not sure where I was really going in my life. Thanks to blogging, I’ve realised that the passion for writing I had in the past had never gone away. It has always been there, waiting for me to summon it again. And I did this year.

And now I know that my dream is to become a published writer. Writing is part of me. Writing is my life.

I always feel that I’ve progressed each time I look back to who I was in the past.

That’s awesome, and I hope you all do too.

An Evil Nymph.

PS: In case you aren’t following me on Twitter yet… 🙂

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