Sites of the Month: December 2011

A wonderful and festive month is already coming to an end. It’s been a busy but also a fun and enjoyable month. I don’t have that much sites to share with you though because I was mainly trying to keep up with reading your blogs and with going out with my friends in the holidays.

It’s funny though that I did find time to learn cartomancy…


Thus I did a lot of research at the beginning of the month about it… and most might not believe in those things, but it’s fun to practise 🙂 So do you want to predict your future using normal playing cards? 🙂 I have 4 websites that helped me a lot:

1. How to read the future with regular playing cards

2. Cartomancy

3. Serena’s Guide to Divination

4. Fortune Telling Playing Cards 

Such a crazy past time!

Then I discovered random other nice websites:

The perfect Makeup Journal – full of ideas and pictures 🙂

The 90 top secrets of Bestselling Authors!

As I got a Galaxy s2 for Christmas I searched a lot of videos on youtube and a lot of tips, tricks and reviews on the net… until I saw the Must Know Tips and Tricks for the Galaxy s2!! 😀 All I needed.

If you are a technology geek, TechRadar is yours!

A great website with interesting posts on social media 😀 Smedio!

The best free converter from pdf. to any other document format! I use this to convert my pdf to mobi because I just started to use Kindle 🙂

One of the most talented writers I met through blogging on WordPress: Heather Marie Adkins! Check out her blog: Stone Cottage on a Hill. And did I tell you that she was a witch? 😉

For Christmas I always send e-cards to my family who lives far from me and I always use the funniest of e-card websites: 123 greetings! 😛 And here’s the card I sent this year: click HERE.

Finally I really want to share with you the website I used for finding links to download my all-time favourite series: Merlin BBC! This week was the end of season 4 and now I can’t wait for the next season next year! is a forum to share and find various download links for various tv series. Serve yourself! 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

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