Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Between my life as a student/sister/daughter and my life as a writer, I’ve also tried many other things.

I was watching the movie Fame (2009) the other day and in there a girl who played piano excellently admitted that she had never tried anything else. That’s why she was unsure of who she was, what she liked. She always did what her parents told her to do. Of course in the end she realised that she loved singing and that’s what she decided to do as a career.

When we try, we take risks, but then we also discover and learn new things and it is then that you will be certain whenever what you did is what you should do.

So in November-December 2009, I began to learn how to play piano.

between the music piano sheets

I even begged my parents to let me buy “Piano for Dummies” (and it’s an awesome, very helpful book by the way if you want to learn piano on your own). I could have hired a teacher but the thing is that I can’t afford to have a real piano at home, and I already have an electronic one, as I was passionate about pianos since I was literally born. My family always bought small pianos for me until I was ten and they bought the electronic one, which holds five octaves, great for a beginner. I easily learnt the basics and then I stopped because I didn’t want it to become serious… I mean all I wanted was to know how to play with both hands and read partitions. It was a fun hobby; I didn’t want to learn all those theories… except the basic things. i.e. I stopped about in the middle of the Dummies’ book.

Anyway now it’s been almost two years since I didn’t play anything, but I’ve found a beautiful song, which I instantly sought for the partition (photo) and began to learn it:

Turning Page – Sleeping at last

What do you do between your usual lifestyle?

An Evil Nymph.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

  1. Any chance we will be seeing you play the piano sometime? 😉 on the side i just write really, i did try piano before when i was younger but i never really picked it up 😦 Alina seems to enjoy it though 🙂

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