The Beginning of the End (Happy New Year 2012!)

diary cat 2012

(This is my school diary 2012… the only hard copy diary I have. The others are on PC i.e. my secret one and my blogs :))

After Christmas, here comes New Year! These holidays are seriously those that make me eat a lot! LOL Huge dinners, chocolate, ice cream…

Anyway today I was thinking (as always) about the year that is about to end in a few hours from now, 2011, how it affected my life, how it ruined me, how it strengthened me. I guess almost everyone is doing that and is making sure that the mistakes that have been made should not be repeated – we often fail at that – which is called the list of the new year’s resolutions.

I don’t usually write a list of resolutions. What I do after the midnight gong and firecrakers is (i) I write my very first entry in my diaries (school and secret) and (ii) I write in my Wishes Copybook.

black wishes copybook with stars

What is a Wishes Copybook?

This should be opened and read or written in only on the 1st Jan of every year. In fact I write a list of what I wish to happen during the new year. Then I don’t open the copybook until next 1st Jan when I go through the list I wrote a year ago and tick the wishes which came true and cross those which didn’t. And I write another list for the new year… 🙂 It’s fun.

I’m always reluctant to have a list of resolutions because I know that what I want now might be different from what I will want next year because I’m still a teenager thus I’m still growing and trying to find myself, to make my way through society and the adult life.

For 2012 though, I’m going to have only one resolution: to balance my life as a writer and as a student. I will thus try to write almost everyday while studying hard too. Fortunately I got myself into an everyday challenge starting next year (tomorrow): I have to write at least 250 words per day. Check out the badge on the right sidebar of this blog! 🙂 You can participate too and you have a choice between challenging yourself to write 250, 500 or 1000 words a day. Just click on the image and you’ll be directed to the instructions. This challenge has been hosted by!

I would have opted for the 500 words challenge but I know that when school will start… I will just feel overloaded.

So today is a time to think about the year that is to end and the year that is to come, to try to be a better person and catch up on our wrong deeds. I was thinking about my WordPress journey and I can’t stop feeling grateful of those 5 months of blogging on An Evil Nymph and of the awesome supportive community I met.

This morning when I woke up, I was then ready to write a new page: an ‘About This Blog‘ section! 🙂 Just look up and you’ll see the tab next to ‘About Me’. Or if you’re too lazy due to the excessive celebration: just click HERE to read the blog page!

And so this is my last 2011 post and I wish you all a Happy New Year 2012!!! 😀

An Evil Nymph.

12 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End (Happy New Year 2012!)

  1. What an amazing, inspiring idea. I think you are so creative and you make me want to go back to being your age and start this writing thing all over again and make it more important than the nonsense I let get in the way. You keep going girl. I think you can do anything.

  2. That’s a nice diary 🙂 i still have all the 5 that i wrote when i was a teen sitting in my drawer, i might actually go back to that again and maybe share some more on the blogs 🙂 Happy new years sweet Daphnee! 🙂

  3. The copybook is a nice idea. I don’t think I will be disciplined enough though to not look into it until the following year 🙂

  4. I love your Wishes Copybook.. and I’ll be a “copycat” and start one of my own. I think it’s an excellent idea. Good for you writing every day, that seems so intimidating to me and I’m not even a student! Bravo!

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