RE: 30 Thought Provoking Life Questions You Should Constantly Ask Yourself?

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30 Thought Provoking Life Questions You Should Constantly Ask Yourself?

There are 30 questions that is asked and I’ve decided to answer them. It sure sounds fun 😉 Feel free to do it too! in the comments below or in the comment box of the original article or on your blog, like I’m doing right now.

1. What great thing would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?

The one great thing I would attempt… hmm… in fact there are so many things I would have tried if failure didn’t exist, like learning new languages or playing all musical instruments, but I guess that the one action I would not dare do is to introduce Wicca publicly as a peaceful religion here, except if I was 100% sure that I would succeed and not be burnt at the stake. 😛

About writing and getting published? Well that’s something I’ll always attempt to do never mind if I fail or not 🙂

2. What would you do if you were ten times bolder in your relationships, work, family, and spiritual life?

Speak out. Correct all the misjudgements so many people have made concerning my life. Vanquish my shyness.
3. What would you be doing if you had all the money in the world?
I’d already have a reserved seat in Oxford University LOL. Meanwhile I’d be doing lots of shopping!! and free gifts giving to the unfortunate 🙂
4. If you could teach something, what would you want to teach?
When I was small I wanted to be a teacher. When I went to high school, I totally changed my mind. But the question should be answered so… I’d teach creative writing 😀
5. If you left this life tomorrow, what message would you leave behind for the next seven generations?

Find and stay yourself. Always. Have a goal and follow it. Always. Never mind what people say. Signed: An evil nymph.

6. How short would your life have to be before you would start living differently today?
Hmm… what? Don’t really understand this question… I guess that if I want to start living differently, I’ll do it immediately. I have learnt to maintain strong willpower through the years and thus if I start to change now, I’d say that my previous life lasted only 16 years? I hope I answered the question properly.
In fact I started living differently at the age of 15… I discovered the real internet, i.e. the fact that it is able to make yourself known all over the globe and defeated timidity and time. I saw a new kind of communication and new opportunities… So my past life possibly lasted only 15 years… Anyway I realised that I changed slowly and progressively so I can’t tell exactly how short my life have to be…
Oh well. Enough babbling… Next question!!
7. When was the last time you went someplace you had never been before?
Bagatelle. The new shopping mall of Mauritius. Just got inaugurated in late 2011. So I guess about one month and a half ago. Oh no! Wait one month ago I went to another clothing store called Fashion House and though it has been available to the public for a long time I haven’t had the chance to go there until December 2011…
8. What is your biggest dream?
Becoming a published and accomplished writer.
9. Can you describe your life with a six-word or less sentence? Here is mine: My life is filled with freedom.
“An oak tree in a flower pot.”
Quote from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.
Yep my life is full of obstacles which digresses my progress: as far as I know there are no official writers group in my country, not even a literary agency (only publishing houses), then at school they teach us how to pass our exams and not how to be self-accomplished and get a decent job, we tend to limit our activities because of our studies and the feeling of obligation that we have to take tuitions, the fear of failure, prejudice, misinterpretation  of witchcraft…
Though I don’t blame anyone because I know many are trying to change this. Because teenagers often feel limited, restrained… they seek freedom and self-expression… and themselves.
But sometimes life struggles are what will make us move forward. 🙂
10. When was the last time you tried something new?
I tried a new red tank top on the first day of 2012 LOL.
Hmm… let me think… I guess that NaNoWriMo was something new? Writing a novel (well half for me because 50k words is just half of it…) in a month has been a great challenge for me. So the answer is about two months ago.
11. What makes you come alive?
I guess breathing and blood. 😛
Life itself makes me come alive. The vibes of activity around me… Also books and their hypnotising stories that so happen to coincide with real life. And of course my own writing, my novel-in-progress, my short stories and copybooks and files… My blogs… all my creations: they are the other half of me.
12. How much control do you have over your life?
Enough to be satisfied with it.
13. How would your life be different if you knew you weren’t being judged or criticized?
I would be surely more outspoken. No more barriers of apprehension and shyness.
14. Why do you love what you love?
Writing engulfs me into new worlds, new possibilities, new hopes and bliss. I am then encouraged to move on in real life. It is my reason for living. A pen and paper.
15. When you’re much older, what type of stories do you want to tell?
What? To my children? Well fairy tales… fiction stories… to make people dream and hope… 🙂
16. Beyond color, nationality, job titles accomplishments, sexual preferences, or labels given by others… who are you?
Wow that’s a tough one.
Well… I am a soul, reborn from love, fighting to live, to survive and accomplish whatever mission Nature has reserved for me.
17. Are you settling?
Um… no? I’m constantly moving, climbing and changing… mentally. (did I understand that question well?)
18. What does your joy look like today?
I don’t have a job. I’m a student. But my student life looks like routine, unchanging… boring. And it always ends in a dreadful way: exams! I feel as if I’m being judged as a person by focusing on my intellectual abilities only.
19. Finish this sentence: When I think of love, I think of . . .
When I think of love, I think of the pure breath-taking power of Nature.
20. What did you want to be when you grew up?
I had so many ambitions when I was small… but the one dream hanging on for the moment is to become a successfully published writer 🙂
21. What could you say was your defining moment?
Maybe I didn’t go through this yet… I’m still 16 he-ho!
22. When do you feel most alive?
When I get physically hurt, that’s when I realised that I actually have a body and blood… and life in me!! xD Wakes up all my senses simultaneously…
So I feel most alive when I’m with my friends. At least I’m not half-deep-thinking/half-in-another-dimension when I’m with them but totally alert, in the present time 🙂
23.  How do you define “soul”?
Why are the questions getting tougher? 😛
The soul is the pure being lying inside of us. The soul is life… and our connection to Nature and infinite knowledge and wisdom… that we have yet to unlock.
24. When did you become so fearful as an adult?
I’m not yet an adult sorry. Haha.
25. If you could go back and do something again, would you make the same choices?
I think I would because without the horrible mistakes, the wrong choices I’d thought I made, I wouldn’t have been what I am and achieved what I have/feel now.
26. If you were God, with the absolute power of creation, how would the world look?
We are God. God lies within ourselves but it is dormant.
The world would be filled with less prejudice and war, more comprehension and compassion… and Love.
27. What are some things worth fighting for?
Our Planet. Pure and true Love. Happiness. Our survival.
28. What is the most important thing to teach a child?
Communication: in every form. Socialisation: the freedom to be able to express oneself in front of the others without being overcome by shyness.
29. Where is heaven to you?
Hell… in my novel “Burning in Heaven”! LOL There is no Heaven or Hell, really. Wherever I’d go, I’d encounter many barriers but also many smooth roads. The only true Heaven that I can think of is deep within myself: my imagination.
30.What do you want your future self to say about your present self?
Hell, (hey where did I get this expression?? Can’t stop saying that now… as if it replaced ‘well’… :P) don’t worry, be happy, it’ll all be fine in the end. Just keep on working hard and striving for what you think is best for you. 🙂 You’re doing great. And you will.
*sigh* if only that were true… ^^
An Evil Nymph.

7 thoughts on “RE: 30 Thought Provoking Life Questions You Should Constantly Ask Yourself?

  1. Hahaha… I enjoy this post daph!! Laughing all along. 😛
    I’m gonna try this too, challenging! 😉
    Tho, I have a crush on your writing!! You’re so damn cute.. hell is that 😛 hahaha

  2. Oooh how interesting! Number 8 resonates with me a lot too! I’m going to take some time out and see what answers I come up with 🙂

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