Stop Procrastination!

After two months of summer vacation, who would be ready to jump on copybooks and go to school? Not I. It’s hard to suddenly change the routine. School looks so boring compared to whatever we did during the holidays. We feel lazy. We don’t want to face reality: that we have to work.

Thursday was the very first day of 2012’s school year. As here we follow the British education system, I’m now thus in Lower 6 (which makes me feel more mature by the way! lol). As usual I yawned after waking up because I’m struggling to aceept the fact that I have to be up early – same at night I have to sleep early – and wearing a green tunic everyday.

school uniforms

And at school? Hell, hurrying to search for the classroom before attending the morning assembly – and therefore getting soaked with sweat in a crowded hall…

Wait, I’m not getting to the point. Lol!

So rewind a little bit: in all, going back to school seems like a burden, a sudden crash onto Earth while we were sipping ice tea in Heaven… There’s also this apprehension that overwhelms me: what’s it going to be like this year? The teachers? Books? Friends? We’re climbing up the ladder of success every year and every year we wonder: will I be able to keep it up? To remain at the top? And go further upwards?

ladder of success

A week before school actually starts, after all the fun of the previous celebrations, those feelings come in… And make me procrastinate.

I get even lazier, I feel more like enjoying myself than before. I want to earn the best of my last ‘free’ days. So I began to play games on facebook like Sims Social – which I’d stopped in fact during the holidays. Then I thought it wasn’t enough and I discovered… Sims Medieval!! (on PC)

sims medieval

Wow, sims + medieval = awesome for such a geek like me xD
By the way my kingdom is called Morganite (like the precious stone) and the monarch is Queen Morgan!

Anyway, the inevitable came: I had to go to school! I’d have to adapt to a new syllabus, a new way of approaching the subjects I will be learning, and the fact that my best friend is no more in my class because we’ve chosen separate paths, different subjects…
But after 2 days at school, I realised that school sounds in fact boring because what teachers are teaching us will help us in a main goal: to succeed in exams. You do this and that, you pass your exams. If you do this and that even more, you can earn a part or a full scholarship for tertiary education.

But for us, students, these goals are not enough to motivate us. Because what we want is to succeed in LIFE. We’ve heard of people succeeding in exams but then failed to get a good stable job or a beautiful family. And we’re scared. What will happen to us after those exams? After getting the scholarship? No one prepares us for that. For how to live life. In that way school seems useless.
Then I thought, well what if I just try to modify the main goal: I have to work hard… not to please the examiners, but for our own good sake, for the wider variety of opportunities we can get later when searching for a job or specialising in any field. I don’t care about exams, I care about my life.

enjoy your coffee life

And the moment I thought of this new and more interesting motivation of doing my best at school, I instantly felt reckless. I wanted to study, to learn and work at school.

Hehe, byebye procrastination! I adapted to the new routine pretty well ^^

For those who are going back to school too… Just think of your goals… Why are you here, learning subjects you’re compelled to? Your parents decided to provide you with education for a good cause, believe me. 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

Credits to Google for the awesome images… as always! 

8 thoughts on “Stop Procrastination!

  1. Oh,you’ve said it. One of my new year resolutions is to work on stop procrastinating and you know how easy that is. Anywho, I’m still not giving up because I’ll get there someday, but that’s just me being optimistic (my pessimistic side has gotten the best of me lately).
    “But for us, students, these goals are not enough to motivate us. Because what we want is to succeed in LIFE.”
    I couldn’t have said it better. I suppose we should step back and look at the big picture and how school fits in but you have got to admit it does play a big role, I mean however else shall we learn the mystery of Math, the process does seem dreary but it helps to get into the right mind set like you did Daph 🙂

  2. Wishing you all the best in the 6th form. I went through the British system too and the 6th form was my favorite… We had more authority and could have a bit more fun. Enjoy it! 🙂

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