♥Fashion and Fiction♥

How can we as writers combined the two? Keep reading!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but on the sidebar there’s a Polyvore widget. What’s Polyvore? It’s a website for those who like to virtually create their own fashion trends and styles, who make up outfits or simply express themselves through combining images to form a unique masterpiece.

I’ve been on Polyvore for quite a long time but it was only a few days earlier that I really got into it. You can check out my profile HERE (and add me if you have an account too ^^ if you wish!). I got the idea from the dragon-lover and writer Shéa MacLeod: to make up my own character’s outfits! (check out MacLeod’s Polyvore too!)

And this is just so so fun!

For example I did 3 outfits for my protagonist who is Elaine Graith – the daemon girl stuck in Heaven:

polyvore girl outfit

polyvore girl teen outfit

These are her casual everyday outfits, when she goes to school…

polyvore sexy girl outfit

This is her famous daemonic outfit!! 😀

I even did a set when Elaine and her two best friends appear:

polyvore girl outfits for night

Then I enjoyed myself with the main guys… ^^ First with Elaine’s crush: Mak…

polyvore boy guy outfit

And Gabriel the famous Angel!

polyvore man outfit

I also played with the three Goddesses’s styles:

The Morrígan:

polyvore gothic dark outfit

The Horai:

polyvore angel outfit

And finally Brigit:

polyvore nature green outfit

Haha yep I’m so engulfed into my NaNo novel that I’m determined to finish it and publish it: I hope before the next NaNo round in November! Writing has always been my favourite hobby… and a passion burning in my heart ♥

So if you feel so close to your characters that you can even make out outfits for them… then Polyvore is for you! Fashion and Fiction = it’s totally possible! 🙂

An Evil Nymph.


12 thoughts on “♥Fashion and Fiction♥

  1. chelseyjean says:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE this idea!! I am personally obsessed with writing (I didn’t finish my nanowrimo though…soooo disappointing!)…so to combine my two loves, I just blog as much as I can. Except it’s hard to sprinkle some fiction into fashion posts without sounding wack!! aha. I’ll have to figure out my polyvore login info and start doing this.

    • evilnymphstuff says:

      Doesn’t matter if you finished nano or not, at least you love writing and you had fun! I did 🙂 Blogging – a great experience for us! lol sure do then give me the link, I’ll follow you ^^ Thanks for coming by Chelsey!

  2. thistleinavalon says:

    This is a really cool idea! I’ve always clipped pics from magazines that helped me visually with a character and pinned them together on the bulletin board by my desk. But this looks like a lot more fun.

  3. Aurora, HSP says:

    So much fun! You and your fab blog, MD! Thank you for sharing. I simply do not know how you find time to do all you do or I would join in your fun. Maybe age is slowing me down but I hate to cave to any excuse at all, LOL. Thanks for the shot in the “fun” arm 🙂 🙂 🙂

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