SOPA!? What. The. Hell?

My little sister was about to do some research on Wikipedia but it was blacked out. Didn’t really understand the situation at first. But then I was about to post this week’s photo challenge on WordPress, but when I entered the site, I saw that all the Freshly Pressed were censored! I then clicked on one of them and saw something like a strike… while going to my mail to see whether anyone else was talking about this… Everyone is eventually talking about this and spreading the message… and really, this PIPA/SOPA is serious matter, guys…

See that? It concerns us all: bloggers and internet addicts! Piracy should indeed be stopped, but we should not be that limited! Come on, what about our creativity which has been developed for many by the web? The endless knowledge we get? An almost inhuman way for celebrities to spread their fame? New possibilities, opinions, opportunities??

You can help to protest HERE!

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If you have a post on this case, feel free to make me know in the comment box below.

Help spread the word!

An Evil Nymph.

13 thoughts on “SOPA!? What. The. Hell?

  1. Great post! I didn’t realise how serious this was (I’m not American) until I went onto Wikipedia today and it was on a 24 hour black out. Wikipedia was on strike. I followed the links and I shared the news. I am against it, very against it. If America says yes, Australia, Europe and other continents will follow. Even if they mean to do good people will abuse this power. Plus, as the video states, corporations are already fighting against people who pirate. It’s obvious that the internet is powerful, probably THE most powerful tool today and people want to have control over it. No one deserves or is capable of wielding that kind of power. It belongs to every one of us.

    I repeat after evilnymphstuff. SOPA!? What. The. Hell.

  2. Oh! And if you want, you can protest against SOPA-PIPA on word press. I put the ribbon on Ermiliablog just then. You go into Dashboard – Settings – Protest SOPA-PIPA. I’m letting you know if you didn’t. 🙂 You can do a whole black out or just the ribbon.

    – Ermisenda (I also posted the comment up above)

  3. Good point MD…
    This SOPA is crazy. Know what? There are 358 companies who supported this. I don’t it’s right that where every people depends on will be taken away. #SOPASTRIKE

  4. I am very angry. This is just insane what should everyone be blamed and suffer the consequences for those who do the deed? I am against piracy but this is the wrong way to go about stopping it. Alternatives? I honestly don’t know, I’m just a blogger who want’s to share my thoughts with the world and we shouldn’t let them take away our voices.

    I agree with Ermilia, the Internet with its power it highly dangerous in the hands of people who want to control us and it would be a catastrophe if other countries followed suit. I’ve completely blacked out my site but I put up a ribbon soon instead.

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