Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

regret depressed teen

I regret not to have opened my mouth.

I regret not to have walked towards him.

I regret not having been able to stop him when he went away.

I regret making the same mistakes again and again…

We all tend to regret things when we look back onto our past. Either we did too much or we didn’t do enough.

But in a way, if you are satisfied with who you are now, you shouldn’t have regrets. Because it is those things that you didn’t do enough or you did too much which are the causes of what IS now.

That’s why I’ve stopped regretting things.

Yes, of course sometimes the thoughts of regrets come to meddle with your conscience…

Personally I am very lucky in love relationship and because I believe in fate so I believe that it is because I am too young for that, so just stop! I have friends and family, that’s enough love for the time being 🙂 That’s how I got over the regrets I wrote in italic above.

After all, if my attempts at love had succeeded, I don’t think An Evil Nymph’s Blog would have existed.

I began to blog out of curiosity… and – let’s admit it – boredom.

So thanks to fate who made me feel rejected and made me shed tears during my puberty, who made me shy around boys and discouraging me to go further… I have no regrets.

Love will come when it will be time.

For now, finding myself and my personality comes first. 🙂

Do you have any regrets whatsoever?

An Evil Nymph.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

  1. Hi! Yes I agree, “love will come when it will be time” 🙂 Oh boy I think most of my regrets started way back in 6th grade. So many things that I felt I didn’t do because I was so shy. Sometimes I think what if? There were some boys that never knew I liked them, one even told me he liked me, but I was so shy to tell him I liked him back. I was afraid of boys back then. I know it’s not good to dwell in the past, but it’s hard not to think about it. I was very shy when I was young, I always tried to hide it, but sometimes it was hard. I made me really sad when people would point it out. It’s like Taylor Swifts song “Mean”- “pointing out my flaws again as if I don’t already see them.” Sometimes we have to go through some tough times to make us stronger. I did go through a period where I just woke up one morning and felt that I don’t need a guy to make me happy. I am in control of my life and I can make myslef happy. I have been so fortunate to have been given the chance to travel and see so many beautiful countries. I have a wonderful family, great friends, an amazing sister who is by best friend, my dogs who I love so much, a beautiful life..I felt at peace.

    I really like what you said, “for now, finding myself and my personality comes first.” That is very important! I see it the same way 🙂 and later on, time will tell, but for now, let’s just enjoy the happy moments 🙂 I know that one day you will find the perfect guy! They say when you least expect it they will come 🙂 Just think, he is out there thinking of someone just like you 🙂

    1. You know what? I was just like you! I acted the same way but fortunately there was this little voice that told me to stop with such stupid things. Yeah, it’ll come when you’ll least expect it 🙂
      Thanks for coming by!

  2. I can’t regret the person I am today due to the choices I made in the past. Good, bad or indifferent, I like the person I am today. I love myself enough to be happy. That acceptance brings more opportunity to love and be loved.

  3. Thank you for another good read, MD. I must admit I have a couple of regrets but not huge and not blistering at my psyche because I view them as “learning ground.” If I were to give them any life in this present moment, I might be an embittered soul and I never want to be bitter, I only want to be a better person today than I was yesterday. So, I guess the short answer is no, not really, lol. Perhaps I could cite spending too much time on lost causes but even that brought me to today in some painful lesson or another, lol. 🙂 Thanks, chickie, who thinks way too much for making me stop and think again. 🙂

    1. You’re always welcome Aurora! 🙂
      As time passes, we all end up making the same conclusions: that we should not have any regrets. Our mistakes and misfortune are the lessons taught in the course called Life.

  4. I am wondering if where you are finding your writing prompts for the pictures. I am loving these posts of yours and think I may join along 😀

    1. Well I participate every week in the weekly photo challenge at the dailypost.wordpress.com ! 🙂 The photographs of the challenge are always taken with my own devices. Yes that would be great indeed!

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